Akosua Abebrese Writes: So Married Asamoah Gyan With 4 Kids Chops Down A 22-Year-Old Girl & Allegedly Goes for Her Bum | And You Say There is Nothing WRONG?

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

Let me tell you the f**king truth about most of these Ghanaian footballers which makes me pity the women who absurdly marry them—and you will know why Asamoah Gyan needs to be bashed more than he has received.

Asamoah Gyan has a wife, married with 4 kids—with the first 3 being, Frederick (the oldest), Floyd and Rafael. In January 2014, he welcomed his 4th child, a baby girl.

The fact that this guy is a footballer or has money does not exonerate him from his moral and social responsibilities—even if not to anyone at all, to his wife, the mother of his children.

But this is Ghana, rich men (especially rotten teeth footballers) treat women including their wives like used menstrual pads and no one dare call them to order—because, with money you can buy everything and everyone in this stinking sh*t hole called a country.

I feel sorry for women who marry Ghanaian footballers for the obvious reason; these footballers do not respect them and in most instances, treat them like dogs as well as beat the hell out of them.

Considering the disgrace Asamoah Gyan has brought on his family and the ridicule he has subject his wife to, for admitting that he slept with a 22 year old student without a protection—and for the hovering allegation of even having chopped the a$$ of this girl who is now pregnant, the footballer deserves to be bashed more than Ghanaians have done.

What happened to the moral rod in Ghana?

What would have happened if a married woman with 4 kids went out there to sleep with a man and got pregnant for this man, all behind his husband? And what if it emerged later that the man allegedly nailed her bum? This woman would have been crucified under Accra’s scorching sun to the delight of the many misogynists in this country.

Yet, Asamoah Gyan does the same and no one is throwing into the discussion the role model card—or even telling him the truth that, he is a douche bag for doing this to his wife and more also, for not even using a condom.

These are the men who go out there to bring diseases to infest their innocent faithful wives, all because they have money– which the many Ghanaian b*tches are ready to give away whatever in return for some.

Apart from the fact that this former skin bleacher totally disrespected his wife and tainted the institution of marriage, his choice of victim-a 22 year old student, adds insult to the contempt.

I cannot even imagine what the wife is going through at this stage and I don’t mean how bad she feels—rather, the fact that she would have to endure this disrespect and pain in silence, all because of the kids and greatly because the perpetrator -Asamoah Gyan has a lot of money to buy everyone.

Old and young men are running after Asamoah Gyan—and none will be able to tell him the truth that he needs to hear, because any attempt to paint the real picture to him will lead to you forfeiting the Arab dollars he hands out to these entourage of fools.

No woman deserves to become a wife of people like Asamoah Gyan—he proudly admitted to cheating on you and your children, and then he is planted in a sodomy allegation. Yet, because of his money, influence and ability to get people to suck his bleached up dirty balls, he doesn’t get told the way he should be and the law wouldn’t do anything too.

Deep in the heart of his wife, she will forever bleed and this wouldn’t be Asamoah Gyan’s last, neither was it his first.

For those saying Asamoah Gyan has done nothing wrong—remember that, this guy who wouldn’t have even qualified to sit under the dining table if he was not a successful footballer is married with 4 kids. If nothing at all, he owes his wife that respect. But he doesn’t seem to care…

He is a shame but then, who will tell him that? The poor wife cannot and the public can’t even do it for her.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, a lot of Ghanaian men are currently chopping the bumbum of women—and they call it, the dessert. So I am not particularly skeptical about the bum chopping allegation leveled against Asamoah Gyan.

He’s my douche bag of the year…

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