Akosua Abebrese Writes: So Married Asamoah Gyan With 4 Kids Chops Down A 22-Year-Old Girl & Allegedly Goes for Her Bum | And You Say There is Nothing WRONG?

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

Let me tell you the f**king truth about most of these Ghanaian footballers which makes me pity the women who absurdly marry them—and you will know why Asamoah Gyan needs to be bashed more than he has received.

Asamoah Gyan has a wife, married with 4 kids—with the first 3 being, Frederick (the oldest), Floyd and Rafael. In January 2014, he welcomed his 4th child, a baby girl.

The fact that this guy is a footballer or has money does not exonerate him from his moral and social responsibilities—even if not to anyone at all, to his wife, the mother of his children.

But this is Ghana, rich men (especially rotten teeth footballers) treat women including their wives like used menstrual pads and no one dare call them to order—because, with money you can buy everything and everyone in this stinking sh*t hole called a country.

I feel sorry for women who marry Ghanaian footballers for the obvious reason; these footballers do not respect them and in most instances, treat them like dogs as well as beat the hell out of them.

Considering the disgrace Asamoah Gyan has brought on his family and the ridicule he has subject his wife to, for admitting that he slept with a 22 year old student without a protection—and for the hovering allegation of even having chopped the a$$ of this girl who is now pregnant, the footballer deserves to be bashed more than Ghanaians have done.

What happened to the moral rod in Ghana?

What would have happened if a married woman with 4 kids went out there to sleep with a man and got pregnant for this man, all behind his husband? And what if it emerged later that the man allegedly nailed her bum? This woman would have been crucified under Accra’s scorching sun to the delight of the many misogynists in this country.

Yet, Asamoah Gyan does the same and no one is throwing into the discussion the role model card—or even telling him the truth that, he is a douche bag for doing this to his wife and more also, for not even using a condom.

These are the men who go out there to bring diseases to infest their innocent faithful wives, all because they have money– which the many Ghanaian b*tches are ready to give away whatever in return for some.

Apart from the fact that this former skin bleacher totally disrespected his wife and tainted the institution of marriage, his choice of victim-a 22 year old student, adds insult to the contempt.

I cannot even imagine what the wife is going through at this stage and I don’t mean how bad she feels—rather, the fact that she would have to endure this disrespect and pain in silence, all because of the kids and greatly because the perpetrator -Asamoah Gyan has a lot of money to buy everyone.

Old and young men are running after Asamoah Gyan—and none will be able to tell him the truth that he needs to hear, because any attempt to paint the real picture to him will lead to you forfeiting the Arab dollars he hands out to these entourage of fools.

No woman deserves to become a wife of people like Asamoah Gyan—he proudly admitted to cheating on you and your children, and then he is planted in a sodomy allegation. Yet, because of his money, influence and ability to get people to suck his bleached up dirty balls, he doesn’t get told the way he should be and the law wouldn’t do anything too.

Deep in the heart of his wife, she will forever bleed and this wouldn’t be Asamoah Gyan’s last, neither was it his first.

For those saying Asamoah Gyan has done nothing wrong—remember that, this guy who wouldn’t have even qualified to sit under the dining table if he was not a successful footballer is married with 4 kids. If nothing at all, he owes his wife that respect. But he doesn’t seem to care…

He is a shame but then, who will tell him that? The poor wife cannot and the public can’t even do it for her.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, a lot of Ghanaian men are currently chopping the bumbum of women—and they call it, the dessert. So I am not particularly skeptical about the bum chopping allegation leveled against Asamoah Gyan.

He’s my douche bag of the year…

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15 thoughts on “Akosua Abebrese Writes: So Married Asamoah Gyan With 4 Kids Chops Down A 22-Year-Old Girl & Allegedly Goes for Her Bum | And You Say There is Nothing WRONG?”

  1. Akosua I love you for this. This man is a low life but because he has money every one is kissing his a**. I like the part you (rotten teeth) lol

    My thing is pink!

  2. Akosua
    Have you heard of caveat emptor? In plain language it means buyer beware. You are absolving the women who marry these footballers and painting them an innocent people. They are not. Unless they are blind, mute and dumb, there is no way they can pretend that the men they are chasing are not on other women’s list. They are fully aware that with the money and fame comes f*cking around. But they make that choice. I have said this earlier women are the worse hypocrites on the planet. They marry men for their money and fame and then pretend the fame and fortunes doesn’t come with baggage. Newsflash. It does!! If you are squeamish about your man kissing other women don’t marry an actor. If you are squeamish with a man spending time in an enclosed space with a woman, don’t marry an astronaut. And if you are not comfortable with your man sleeping with another woman don’t chase a married man. It’s that simple.
    Secondly the an*l thing is alleged. Not the same as the truth. So don’t go building your house on that foundation. Pray to your God and hope that nobody accuses you of anything. Because from your article every accusation should be taken as the truth.
    Is time we take responsibility for our actions and stop this saviour mentality. Asamoah gran is just a man who kicks around an inflated leather ball. He’s been fortunate that someone wants to pay him money for that. He never auditioned for any role model role. He never asked anybody to model their lives on his. It is a complete cop out Ghanaians who can’t model their lives after Jesus Christ to pretend they can model their lives after flaw human beings. It is nonsense and based on jealousy not actuality. No sports person is a role model for anything but playing sports. Morality and decency comes from other places such as the church and government. But since those two institutions are corrupt beyond repair anyone in the news is now suppose to be a role model. Is Kim khardasian a role model? Would you like to make a s*x tape and ride on the nasty publicity to make money?
    Ghanaians should grow a brain and solve their problems and stop making scapegoats out of those who are just living their lives .
    If you want to judge asamoah gyan for his peccadilloes then you are misguided. Because asamoah is not a moral compass for anyone except corrupt Ghanaians looking for scapegoats.
    Even Jesus, the man Ghanaians pray to every minute couldn’t make Ghanaians moral why do you think a football player can.
    The truth is what you are hearing is an extortion attempt by another corrupt Ghanaian woman looking for easy living bacause she got f**ked by a Ghanaian with means. Everything else is you projecting your frustrations with men on him.
    He owes no one a living or moral guidance. I will give you an example. Ashley Cole of arsenal and Chelsea slept around. Did you see britons demanding his head? Terry f**ked his teammates’s wife and with the exception of those who hate him, did you see Scotland Yard going after him? Ghanaians are petty and as a result thrive on rumours and innuendoes. That’s why you are sermonizing on an alleged rape when there is no evidence of it.

  3. Ps. Before any of you retards start the nonsense that I am on the payroll of asamoah gyan or I am asamoah gyan please know that I don’t give a f*ck and you have no brains.

  4. Well said Akosua but let’s not forget that these women who marry them too are opportunist themselves. Call them what you want – gold diggers, exploiters, opportunist, they prey on men with money and do so without guilt or shame. I cannot say on authority that Asamoahs wife did same but most of these women deserve what comes to them. But like you rightly said he is a douche and no woman deserves this.

  5. The woman who so rightfully slept with him is by no means a victim. With her s*x tape as evidence of the fact that they did hook up goes to show that she is in fact an opportunist.

  6. Nice article, I like the part of he been the douche bag of the year. Well Manasseh your points were valid in a way and I may side with you on some parts but in all these I think as a married man he should have thought twice. About not been a role model because he is a footballer wouldn’t be appropriate.Once you get to his level of fame,you should be ready for the responsibilities that come with it and obviously public scrutiny,if nothing at all he is the captain of our national team.We shouldn’t spare our illiterate or uneducated sports men with such excuses,morality isn’t only learned from the classroom.We should make them more accountable and demand good attitude and behavior.Well I truly believe that any woman that decide to marry a footballer in one way or the other,is absolutely clear with the issues that come with it.Well I hope our sports men learn more from Gyans predicaments and beware.

    • Nana,
      Kim khardasian and her family are famous. Would you go to them for moral guidance? How about Adolf Hitler or Jeffery Dalmer? They are all famous people. Should we seek them out for guidance? In reality responsibility is not in built into fame. The only reason people expect famous people to be responsible stems from mental laziness and the people’s need to be led by someone. Famous people with the exception of government heads never auditioned to be moral or infallible. They are just people who got lucky. That is it. Osama bin Ladin is famous. So are many people we can’t emulate or take lessons from. Asamoah gyan is a football player not the pope or Archbishop of Canterbury. He sleeps around and his wife is aware of it. He’s not married to the whole Ghana so his infidelities are not a national issue. Ghanaians who can’t even be moral after many years of professing to be follower Jesus can’t now suddenly pretend an ordinary football player has led them astray. You can’t be as corrupt and foul as Ghanaians are and claim surprise when a football player is found to have slept around. In France even the president has mistresses. In is doesn’t suddenly make French people behave as corrupt as Ghanaians. This whole new found outrage from Ghanaians is partyly due to hypocrisy and stupidity.

  7. Madam Akosua abebrese; hope I got the name right.. Your article smacks of hatred and hypocrisy … I’d personally like to have an inspection of your teeth…kindly Help us with a photo or two… Idiots like you hide behind platforms like this and slight people With no evidence for whatsoever … You’ve suddenly transmogrified into a dentist .. Telling who has a rotten teeth and so on… I am highly disappointed in Chris for allowing this foolish article to be published… The writer spent all of her time attacking the personae of Gyan rather than dealing with the substantive matter of alleged rape …you sound pathetic and from the tone of your write up I can deduct that you are one hell of an ugly bi*ch… God knows if you’re offered the chance, you’d kiss that so called rotten teeth a thousand times … Asamoah Gyan is not the head of the Vatican… Neither is he the president of Ghana .. If you’re looking for real moral standards kindly turn your attention to the church… This is a hard working young man who plays soccer for 90 minutes or more , 3 x in a week and trains as well… What the hell do you want from him? He deserves all that he has earned … And if I were in his shoes I’ll fu*k all the beautiful girls in town , and marry as many wives as possible… You chose to highlight the age of the lady in question just to court unnecessary sympathy for her, ignoring the fact that Gyan himself is 29 years… Now let me school you a bit on the issue of sexual consent as enshrined in the 1992 constitution … The law spells out clearly that at the age of 16 a lady can legally consent to sex. even though I disagree with this provision and believe it has to be amended to at least age 18 since a minor cannot enter into a contract and the issue of consent is premised on offer and acceptance and consideration and agreement therefore a if a minor cannot enter into a contract then of course sexual consent cannot also be procured from a minor but as it stands now, pending any further amendment/ review a 16 year old can legally consent to sex cut the crap of deliberately highlighting the lady’s age for public sympathy!
    For your own mischievous convenience, you strangely left out the absurd demands the lady was said to have made on Gyan… A Fully furnished apartment, and a thousand dollars of monthly stipend! Someone must be very desperate and hungry! Mtcheew!

  8. when ppl say asamoah gyan is married I keep asking myself that where and who in God’s name is his so called wife. the last time I checked he had baby mamas not a wife. he is not married. this marriage thing came up after castros saga just to cover up some things. I believe no woman will sit there and watch her husband disgraced her like tht all the time. asamoah needs prayers and its sad tht ppl around him are not helping him to close his legs or be a real role model to the youth in Ghana. its sad.


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