CHRIS-VINCENT: So Many Uneducated Douche Bags Sit On Ghana Radio Stations As Panel Members…


On social media, people are surprised that someone (I don’t know this person) said there are a lot of uneducated douche bags sitting on Ghanaian radio stations, especially on entertainment shows as panel members.

Perhaps, the person’s boxing of this problem to Kumasi is where the fault lies—because, it’s the same in Accra and worst in those small towns.

I have stopped wasting my time listening to these radio stations in Ghana—2 to 4 hours of my time can be put to good use. If nothing at all, I can read a book and learn a new word. Far better than listening to people who have nothing to do with their time and so move from one radio station to another, just to waste your time too.

Which expert will waste his time moving from one station to another (unpaid)—except given a transportation fee? Maurice Ampaw may do so but not Prof. Ken Attafuah. So who is the expert and the waste here?

These people must have a boring life to be wasting it this way—and this is what translates into the commentaries they pass.

From radio A, the person moves to radio B, then radio C and radio Q. All unpaid—no expert will have such no use for his knowledge or time. In fact, in the UK and USA, experts are paid to become panel members…

This is the same as writing for a newspaper or magazine for free—which true expert is going to do that all the time?

While blaming these people who obviously have nothing doing, you should also blame those radio stations which keep pulling them on there—and the listeners who play part in the time wasting by listening.

A lot of people do not know any alternative—that is what entrenches mediocre in Ghana. It’s like having watched GTV all your life, you begin to think, it is so clear and perfect—wait, one day you may get to watch RT in HD…

The truth hurts but must be said; most of these radio shows are just nonsense—with people who claim to be experts, yet, you cannot even trace where they got their expert knowledge from, just talking nonsense.

I know a douche bag who claims to be a manager, managing his own cats—maybe, he can be of some ‘waste use’ to these radio stations.

And what do these people get by moving from one radio station to another, unpaid? Is that the way to spend your weekend?

I remember when GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the Emelia Brobbey thievery story which trended for almost 3 months, several radio stations wanted to speak to me in relation to this; and I told them—I don’t have the time.

Why should I spend my time repeating the same thing I have told Peace Fm, Luv Fm and others already? Just source from those people or from my blog.

I just had to speak on the phone to these stations and yet, I couldn’t see myself spending my Saturdays and Sundays granting one radio interview after another—all unpaid.

Yet, people are able to travel from one station to another each Saturday and Sunday—unpaid? Herh, people must have 36 hours in a day with nothing to do.

Providing free content for radio stations while you are unpaid is not a characteristic of any expert. Oh, why should they even pay you, because, you are not an expert in anything—just another Ghanaian who has nothing to do with his or her time.

PS: So this means, I will spend 2 years to study Law at College, another 3 years to get a degree in Law (University) and then masters for 2 years—and maybe a P.hd for 3 years.

A total of 10 years to become a legal expert or scholar– after having spent near 100,000 pounds in fees. And then begin to move from one radio station to another talking for hours all for free. At best, they will give me a transportation fee.

Which expert will do this? An expert in stupidity which is easily acquired from many years of being stupid wouldn’t even do this. Because that means, the person has wasted his many years for nothing.

Perhaps people have no clue that the experts charge high thousands of pounds to write for Vanity Fair, NY Times, BBC, DailyMail and others.

Christopher Hitchens was a regular columnist for Vanity Fair—and it was not for free. His brother Peter Hitchens currently writes for MailOnline and he is not doing that for free. Even here on GhanaCelebrities.Com, we pay for the regularly ‘expert’ contributions.

On radio, experts are paid large amounts of money to appear on shows—even that, you will chase them ‘tiya’ before you get one.

These people on these entertainment shows in Ghana are not experts or near experts in anything—the way they waste their time should even tell you that.

But this is Ghana, several radio listeners do not know better and so these douche bags are given audience to keep talking trash all the time—and sadly, the label expert is slapped on their faces without anyone questioning it.

Am I the only one who wonders how an expert in let’s say ‘fishes’ will discuss issues to do with fishes on radio—and then the next minute, the same person will suddenly become an expert in atomic energy, boldly discussing this?

This is an updated version of a post I made on Facebook…


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