Sharia Court Sentences Nine People To Death In Nigeria For Blasphemy


It’s absolutely shameful that in 2015 anyone still has to die for exercising their right to free speech, worse that any modern country would allow religious laws to be used to try its citizens.

Religion, no matter how much its adherents try to cloak it as benevolent and benign, never allows for freedom of the individual. God needs you on your knees worshipping him constantly- the definition of servility; and he also brooks no dissent.

An Islamic court in Kano, Nigeria, has sentenced 9 people, 8 men and a woman, to death for blasphemy. They were accused of insulting the prophet Mohammed and they all pleaded guilty.

According to the BBC, the 9 defendants made the comments during a religious gathering to honour one Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse. They made the comments that Niasse was a bigger prophet than Mohammed.

That outraged people, and thus they were placed on trial. People were so outraged they tried to kill them; the venue where the comments were made was burnt to the ground.

The punishment for insulting the prophet Mohammed is death. The punishment for drawing the prophet Mohammed is death. The punishment for making a movie about the prophet Mohammed is death. Who is this drama queen Mohammed about whom you make one wrong utterance and you’re dead?

What horrifies me more is that any nation would allow Sharia along secular courts. No court would sentence you to death for blasphemy, yet people look at religion and think it is a good thing for this world?


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1 thought on “Sharia Court Sentences Nine People To Death In Nigeria For Blasphemy”

  1. Why do religions, mostly Islam, punish blasphemy so strongly?

    The answer is fear: Islam is afraid of blasphemy because it can open the eyes of its followers.

    Any decent analysis of Islam will show that it is based on a myth, a story made up by its prophet so he could better control people and have privileges over other people. Who could seriously consider that a killer and rapist (it’s all documented in the Qur’an) could be a truthful prophet? A liar is more likely.


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