ISIS Executes Four Gay Men To Mark US Passage Of Equal Marriage Law



It’s not like its anything special when ISIS executes homosexuals, but their latest stunt was timed to coincide with the US Supreme Court Ruling that legalised gay marriage across all fifty states of the union.

On that Friday, the Islamic State caliphate executed four gay men, throwing them off the top of high rise buildings to fall to their death before a gathered crowd of citizens.

According to the Mirror UK:

“A sickening new ISIS video shows four gay men being thrown to their deaths from the roof of a building.

The footage was posted on the day the historic legislation of same-sex marriage was passed in the US.

A video uploaded by the campaigners showed the men being forced to queue on a five-storey building before being thrown over the edge.

No screams are audible as they fall to their deaths.

Hundreds of people living under the Islamic caliphate gathered to watch the brutal execution.

Spectators can be heard gasping in an atrocious scene as the men died one after another, with their corpses piling up on the ground.”

These animals cloaked in their religion commit atrocities, whilst the rest of the world pretend they are not representative of their faiths. But they are, because insofar as scripture contains good parts and horrible parts, yet we continue to hold them up as scripture; some deluded maniacs would always truly believe what their scripture tells them- and they will keep on throwing gays off buildings or stoning adulterers to death.


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