PHOTO & VIDEO: See What Bleaching MAMA-Dencia Wore to the 2015 BET Awards + She Has A Message for the ‘CHEAP’ African Artistes


Bleaching Mama-Dencia who also has a skin whitening cream that sells like honey once again made an eye-popping Lady Gaga-like appearance at the 2015 BET Awards which took place over the weekend in LA.

For the red carpet, the Cameroonian singer wore a white sparkly jumpsuit bedazzled with Hello Kitty dolls—and to be frank, she looked like mess. Not just that, on both shoulders, she had different sized Hello Kitty dolls patched on there…

But when people took to social media to talk about her appearance, she decided to divert the attention to the African acts who were awarded 4 to 5 hours before the main award show in front of empty seats by writing;

Dencia BET

Check out the below video…

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