PHOTOS: The Miraculous Joselyn Dumas’ Hips |They Seem to Appear & Disappear Depending On the Occasion

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Joselyn Dumas-Out and About on a normal day
Joselyn Dumas-Out and About on a normal day

Joselyn Dumas’ hips became the talk of the country during this year’s annual Ghana Music Awards—for the reason that, many thought the hips get bigger when she makes public appearance and when she is out & about on a normal day, the hips become relatively smaller…

The above photo of the actress on a normal day out sort of give credence to the miraculous hips conspiracy—as those hips look fairly normal, compared the photos below in which the hips look humongous.

Surely, Joselyn Dumas is blessed with hips but according to the conspiracy theorists, she somehow pads those hips to make them even more bigger when making red carpet and other public appearances.

Anyway, looking at the photos below; what do you make of the miraculous Joselyn Dumas’ hips?

Joselyn Dumas

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