Ghana Police Claims They Are Still Searching For Castro and Janet Bandu | Do You Believe?

Castro and Janet
Castro and Janet

It’s almost a year since the mysterious disappearance of Ghanaian Hiplife musician, Castro (real name Theophilus Tagoe) and his alleged girlfriend, Janet ‘Maame’ Bandu.

The two were jet skiing on the Volta River at Ada on July 6, 2014, when they miraculously disappeared into thin air. Efforts by the police and various rescue teams to look for the whereabouts of the missing individuals were unsuccessful; one factor been the police not having the right logistics to search for the missing persons.

Four days more to go and it will exactly be a year since the unfortunate incident, yet nothing worth knowing has emerged in relation to the disappearance of Castro and Janet Bandu. As it stands, we do not even know how to refer to them; whether dead or alive.

What seems like a forgotten agenda is not so to Ghana Police as they claim they are still searching for Castro and Janet.

According to DSP James Benefo Darkwah, Public Relations Officer of Ghana Police CID, they are still on the search – he told Graphic Showbiz.

“We have not given up. We still make constant checks to find out if there is anything new. We are still searching for them. The investigations to locate the whereabouts of both Castro and Janet Bandu are still ongoing”.

“We have extended the search and Interpol Ghana has informed their colleagues in the sub-region to search as well. That is to let us know if they come across any missing persons. They have been given the necessary information about them (Janet and Castro) so we are still searching”.

“We are still hoping for a positive result from our search and since every case is treated on its own merit we have not given up hope. Legally, we can only pronounce them dead after seven years so at the moment we believe they are alive” he said.

“We have also done collaborations with fishermen along the beaches to help. Although there have not been any new information in connection with the incident, we are hopeful our continuous search will yield positive results.”

“Right now although we are doing all we can to find them, we are still appealing to the general public to come out with information to assist us. We want Ghanaians to know we have not given up on them and still on the look out for them”.

As to whether DSP James Benefo Darkwah is telling the truth or not, we do not know.

Do you think they are indeed still searching for Castro and Janet Bandu? Be the judge.


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