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Terminator Genisys Review: Deeply Confusing With A Lot Variations | Arnold Schwarzenegger is ‘Old But Not Obsolete’

Terminator Genisys
Terminator Genisys

As would expect from most Time Travel movies, Terminator Genisys pushes the mind through thick confusion, long-winded and sometimes non-connecting screenplay—but whatever it is, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, except that he seems to have a new catch phrase.

Arnold Schwarzenegger remerges as Terminator, “old but not obsolete” 30 years after his first appearance in James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984) and surely, being a T-800 Terminator meant that he had to push his machine muscles far harder to be able to fight the new, upgraded, messy, melting and rebuilding terminators to save humanity.

The movie fails to answer the most basic question which would have given viewers a good direction; who actually sent Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to 1973 to protect young Sarah Connor? The absence of an answer to this sets forth the confusion—and also, the suspense as to whether Arnold the Terminator would indeed switch on Sarah as Kyle Reese suspects.

Directed by Alan Taylor, the actual action kicks off in 2029 with John Connor (played by Jason Clarke) as a strong head of the Resistance, with Kyle Reese (played by Jai Courtney) as his right hand man, leading a brutal gun-popping assault against the machines—this was what we were told about in 1984; that Skynet was losing this battle and as such sent back the Terminator to cheat, so the war would never even take place.

Actually, we get to see both the Terminator and Reese using an interesting one way Time Travel device to make it to 1984—but those familiar with parallel universe or parallel time lines in quantum physics will know that, such a travel does not mean the events will always occur in the same manner anytime a trip is made.

So, things begin to take a shocking turn—when the young Terminator sent by Skynet was met by his old self-Arnold Schwarzenegger, a situation which seemed as though the old Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to lose to his new upgraded self  but he had a distant human support.

Sarah Connor (played by Emilia Clarke) in Terminator Genisys
Sarah Connor (played by Emilia Clarke) in Terminator Genisys

Then a few minutes later, Reese who had volunteered during the Resistance’s army deliberation as to who to send to protect Sarah Connor followed—but for him too, things were not exactly as it happened in the 1984 movie.

Even Sarah Connor ( played by Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame) who was the target to terminate and also to be protected was not the same vulnerable young woman we saw in the 1984 movie—this time, she was well skilled, equipped and seemed like she did not even need Reese’s protection. This position of Sarah was a pull off from Terminator 2: Judgement Day so it was not pretty much of a shock.

But there is more, while Sarah’s buddy was the T-800 Terminator, Reese could not trust the Terminator’s protection and maintained that, at one point, the aged machine clothed in human tissue was going to switch and terminate Sarah, because that is how he was programmed.

Reese had his issues with the Terminator but they had bigger problems to deal with so despite the hovering mistrust, the three who were in 1984 had to find a way to save humanity.

Two of them decided to once again Time Travel to 2017—a few days before the Genisys programme went live. Genisys is presented to us as some sort of social media app, the backbone of Skynet’s operation which meant that, stopping it would mean, Skynet could not run its apocalyptic judgement day.

As already mentioned, the story-line is deeply confusing but not even as much confusing as trying to spot who is a human and who is not. The robots (terminators) take up the shape and appearances of whatever—and until you see them doing this, or rebuilding themselves after a shot, you are constantly on a figuring out journey.


When it comes to the action, it is the usual Terminator scenes—uncountable gunshots, several helicopters flying and blowing up, robots kicking each other and those capable of fixing themselves, doing so.

It is deeply confusing but entertaining. Arnold Schwarzenegger was at his best!

The only strong helping out point to guide your understanding is what the writers said; that because John Connor is of such a historical importance, Skynet’s transformation of him is what sets off all the many variations we see Terminator Genisys.



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