Blakk Rasta Talks About Why He Resigned After 8 Years With Multimedia…

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Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

It emerged yesterday that the controversial radio presenter-Blakk Rasta who was recently put before Ghana’s parliament for comments he made on his Taxi Driver radio show on Hitz Fm had resigned—and today, we get to hear why he decided to end his service at Multimedia, after 8 years…

According to Blakk Rasta, Multimedia did not really support him when he was invited by parliament—and he seems right on this, because an employer must at least give guidance and support to an employee in such difficult times.

Blakk Rasta told NewsOne that;

“When  I was invited by Parliament, my employers did not even sit me down before the invitation so we plan on what exactly we should say there and how things should go, they did not get a lawyer for me, nothing; nothing like that happened.  Even my HR who was there knew next to nothing about the incident when he was questioned about the issue and what exactly I had said.

“I did not get any support from Multimedia, which I thought was unfair.  I thought once I was with you, I should get your support. Even if you do not agree with what I said, you can go and say you do not agree and that you are pleading for clemency. But that was not done and I even had to look for my own lawyer.

“No one was interested in my wellbeing as far as that invitation was concerned; but they were rather interested in the story and in getting the news, so they [Multimedia] set up their gadgets and carried the news live both on radio and television.”

Blakk Rasta who said he will soon be travelling to Italy for the Milan Expo in the face of his resignation added that;

“It has been a nice family but I now feel uncomfortable. I feel betrayed and I am not inspired anymore to work with these people.  This slip could happen to anybody but it depends on how you handle it; but I was betrayed and I had to go look for my own lawyer, I went there  on my own and even after that, not even one  person from Multimedia  has called me to talk to me about it and the way forward.

“What they rather did was to go ahead and ban my songs on radio saying that I do not attend station gatherings and all that so my songs should not be played on radio. What is this? I don’t intend granting interviews or talking about this because I have been working with this station for eight solid years.

“I think Multimedia is not appreciative of my work and commitment. Time and again, I have heard them make utterances that make me feel I am not appreciated and my die-hard passion is not appreciated. I put in all my passion and energy but this afternoon, I just decided to tender in my resignation.”

He also told the newspaper that, he hopes to be back to his media work soon—but it surely won’t be with Multimedia as he said he did not feel inspired working for then, another reason why he left..

He said “I was still on the radio [Monday morning] when I tendered my resignation.  I have been with Multimedia for eight years and I think it is time to move on because I am no longer inspired there and of course, a few other things [such as the above] happened here and there that made me feel betrayed.”


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