Come On Oko Vanderpuije | Best Mayor Of Africa Writes His Name & Award At the Back Of His Car

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Oko Vanderpuye
Oko Vanderpuye

Can someone shout to me that this is a hoax—so that my disappointment will disappear?

Oko Vanderpuije, the mayor of Accra, the capital city of Ghana which flood annually with the recent having killed over 200 residents was awarded the Best Mayor of Africa—and gladly he accepted this.

The above photo spotted on Facebook shows the ‘Best Mayor’ having written his name and ‘award’ at the back of the metropolitan’s car.

This is the same man who mounted a big billboard to welcome himself back into Ghana when he won the ‘Best Mayor’ award, so surely, this seems real—he is capable of doing this.

What is wrong with Africans and titles—is that Dr. not ieven a honorary doctorate which can be bought with less than 100 dollars online? People don’t really add it to their names as titles but he just did.

Mayor of Accra Billboard
Mayor of Accra Billboard


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  1. Hahah mmoasem paa oo,he should be stepping down but he’s rather out there flexing his muscles.only in Africa!