Ghanaian Musician-MzVee’s Comment Shows How EMPTY HEADED African Women Have Become

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Rising dancehall Ghanaian musician-MzVee posted the above photo with the accompanying comment on social media—and reading it got me thinking deep, as an African woman.

Increasingly, most of us women have become empty headed and are not proud of what we have—our African hair, one of a kind.

We rather opt for weaves, wigs and whatever it is on the market, under the disguise that, it’s difficult and time consuming to treat our hair well.

Why can’t we also take pride in what we have, just as MzVee has done—which fetched her this unexpected admiration from a total stranger from different part of the world.

I am sure the Asia young woman wouldn’t have even looked at her if her hair was one of the many Brazilian weaves. Let’s be proud of what we have—and treat it well…

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