Colour Purple Actress-Akosua Busia Says Her Ex Husband-Movie Director John Singleton Divorced Her Because He Was About To Hit Millions + She Sues Him For A ‘Lota’ Cash

Akosua Busia
Akosua Busia

Popularly known for playing Nettie in Colour Purple, Akosua Busia is back in the news—and this time, she is chasing her ex husband-movie director-John Singleton for some huge cash she claims the ‘Shaft’ director owes her…

Akosua Busia in a legal document filed in LA Family court claims, her then husband- John Singleton suddenly ditched her because Singleton was due to receive at least five percent of Shaft’s profits of more than $100 million—and he didn’t want her to have any.

But that is not really her central theme for the suit, Busia says, “she’s raising their daughter, Hadar Busia-Singleton
alone in Ghana, and despite a court order, the movie maker won’t budge on paying Hadar’s megabucks tuition from private schools in Ghana, England and Michigan,” report Bossip.

The actress added that “under the terms of their divorce, Singleton was supposed to pay for the girl’s education. But Busia said she had to front the tuition money when he didn’t, and she wants the Boyz In The Hood director to pay her $204,056—the amount she said she’s owed for their daughter’s education and after school activities for the over 12 years—and pay her $30,000 lawyer fees.”John Singleton

The website adds that “Busia, a writer and actress who is well known for playing Nettie in “The Color Purple,” said she’s had to sell assets and take out high interest loans to keep Hadar enrolled in the pricey schools. She said Hadar was once kicked out of school for several weeks when Busia didn’t have the cash because she was paying for her sick mother’s hospital stay, but Singleton still wouldn’t pay.”

In the court documents, Akosua Busia stated that “John’s failure to honor the court order and our other agreements with respect to the payment of Hadar’s tuition has caused me to go into debt to pay for our daughter’s education and has caused both myself and Hadar great emotional suffering.”

John Singleton
John Singleton

That is not all Akosua Busia wants, she also wants her ex-husband to pay up Hadar’s $65,000 tuition upfront for the exclusive Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan for next school year.

Singleton also had something to say—and in his own filing, he said he pays $4,000 each month to Akosua Busia for child support and there isn’t any proof that he owes her any money.

Akosua Busia and Singleton got together in 1993 and they got married 3 years later, only to divorce in 1997.

Shockingly, Busia also reveals in her court document that her ex-husband managed to hide from her the fact that he had a son with another woman during their marriage.

The son, Maasai shares the same birthday as their daughter but is three years older. She wrote”unknown to me during our marriage, hence John disappeared from the hospital as I was birthing Hadar, to attend the party he was throwing for Maasai at a skating rink.”


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