TB Joshua’s Synagogue Indicted In Fatal Church Building Collapse

J.B Joshua
J.B Joshua

T.B Joshua and his people might like to hide behind any farcical explanation for the collapse they like, but the coroner’s inquest looking into it have found the church culpable of gross negligence in the erection of their new building.

The headquarters of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) collapsed last September, leading to the deaths of over 100 people. Many people noted that the building was being forced to take more floors than it could support, but T.B Joshua and his corporate apparatus came up with all sorts of ridiculous explanations except the truth, which they did not like.

Fortunately, there are processes in the real world that can discover facts. The coroner’s inquest investigating the tragedy, which T.B Joshua consistently refused to appear before, have ruled.

The coroner has found the SCOAN guilty of ‘criminal negligence’, in erecting an architecturally unsound building, and not also receiving the right permits to enable building.

The coroner also lamented Joshua’s refusal to testify during the hearings.

“The church was culpable because of criminal negligence resulting in the death of the victims” the coroner wrote, according to the BBC.

“Among the individuals and organisations summoned, only Prophet T.B Joshua refused to testify”

The findings recommended the prosecution of those who built the facility, whilst dismissing Joshua’s claim that it was a targeted explosion that took out the building.

The only bad news here is that prosecution would be at the discretion of Lagos’ public prosecutors, and for a man as influential as Joshua I doubt anything would happen.

At the very least though, he has been exposed for the bald faced liar that he is. How he could look anyone in the face to honestly say that a controlled demolition collapsed that building, and live with himself; it beggars belief.


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