Jealous Wife Pours Acid On 16 Year Old Girl in Ghana…

Acid girl
Acid girl

No woman should ever pour acid on another woman—even if the other woman is sleeping with her husband. This story sounds as if a key ingredient is missing, making us think the 16 year old was suspected to be sleeping with the husband of the jealous woman who poured the acid.

Even if this was the case, she did not have any right to deform another human being this way—and it’s good to know that the law has thrown her behind bars for 10 years…

According DailyGuide;

“A 16-year-old girl was bruised in the face, neck and thigh, after a 30-year-old woman allegedly sprayed her with acid at Atwima Koforidua in the Ashanti Region. Selena Owusu reportedly poured the acid on the girl (name withheld) on the night of January 6, 2014, and went into hiding for one year and seven months.

The victim purportedly screamed for help and she was rushed to the Mount Sinai Hospital in the town, where she was admitted for four weeks.

Selena resurfaced on July 7, 2015 and her husband alerted the police, who arrested and charged her for causing harm. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted into prison for ten years by the Nkawie circuit court, presided over by Justice Michael Johnson Abbey. Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Mahama Iddrisu said that Selena Owusu and her husband lived at Atwima Koforidua New Site.

He said Selena’s husband is a friend of the victim’s mother who also lived at Anwia Nkwanta along the Kumasi-Obuasi road. On January 5, 2014, Selena’s husband paid a visit to the girl’s mother at Anwia Nkwanta, Chief Inspector Iddrisu told the court.

The victim’s mother, as a reciprocal gesture, made her daughter (the victim) go with Selena’s husband, and was to spend some days with the couple. Upon reaching home, he introduced the teenager to his wife as the daughter of his friend who resides at Anwia Nkwanta.

On the night of January 5, 2014, the girl passed the night in a different room from where Selena and her husband slept. The following day, the 16-year-old girl went to town and she returned home around 10:30 pm when Selena’s husband was asleep.

The girl then decided to sit outside to have a chat with one, Akwasi, when suddenly, Selena surfaced. She, according to the police officer, demanded her (girl’s) mother’s telephone number, but she refused, saying that her (girl’s) phone was off.

Selena then left the scene and returned moments later, holding a bottle containing acid, which she poured on the face, neck and thigh of the victim. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment and Selena vanished into thin air.”

Do you also feel like the story does not add up—and Selena Owusu must had some suspicion somewhere? 


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  1. She’s an idiot.mif she had just turned herself in that very day she would only be facing 8 years and 5 months now

  2. Story doesn’t add up. Why on earth would the sixteen year old girl be handed out by her mum to be taken home by a married man whose wife is still present? Blame it on the man and the girl’s mum. Stupidest decision ever. Take my daughter home to annoy your wife. Nonsense.