Two Women Standing Trial In Morocco For Wearing Skirts

Two women are standing trial in Morocco, facing charges of up to two years, because they were wearing skirts.


For the societies oppressing women everywhere, you often find one common denominator- religion. Under the guise of purity, these societies oppress their women, often applying a gratuitous double standard when it comes to men.

Two women are standing trial in Morocco, facing jail time of up to two years, because they were wearing skirts. The charge is ‘gross indecency’, and their trial has attracted huge public attention, as unsuprisingly,  most people in the Muslim majority nation call their prosecution.

According to BBC:

“Two women have gone on trial in Morocco on charges of “gross indecency” for wearing skirts.

The two were arrested in Inezgane last month, after a market trader drew attention to what they were wearing and a crowd gathered round.

An internet petition calling the arrest an attack on personal freedom has attracted thousands of signatures.

There have been a number of demonstrations over the case in Morocco, with protesters saying that women should be free to wear what they want.

Activists also gathered at the court house on Monday to support the detainees.

The two women, 23 and 29, are being tried under an article in the penal code which says that anyone found guilty of committing an act of “public obscenity” can be jailed for up to two years.

The judge will give a verdict on 13 July.”

Imagine a nation, where you can get jailed just for wearing a skirt! Only the patriarchy inspired by religion can get away with something like that in the 21st century.


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  1. nah only the stupidness of Islamic rule can dictate this.. when was the last time a christian got done in any part of the world for wearing provocative attire.. If u gon throw shades at religion at least make it relevant to all religion

    1. Well, in Ghana and other parts of Africa, women are sometimes harassed and the unfortunate ones- beaten for wearing a mini skirt. Guess what? the attackers are usually Christians.

      1. yeah, in Kumasi u dont want to walk in certain areas with a mini skirt. Even if they dont attack u physically, the verbal attack alone wont be easy to deal with.

      2. Sorry let me rephrase that… In your primitive countries ish like this happens.. In my city (London stand up) no one cares if a christian girl or muslim does that. .. religion is not the cause of this.. self righteousness and lack of the cause of this.. The reason people do this is cause they have been told by their leaders that this is right as oppose to reading the scriptures for themselves.. where as here where everyone has basic English reading to their credit do u think obinim and his monkeys can come and say the bible says this and I won’t Google and rebuke him?

  2. Good!!!!!!in western countries such as France,people have been refused the access to school because of long skirts,and people are being insulted in the streets for wearing a simple veil,so i guess Morocco have the right to judge women for wearing mini skirts.People should stop insulting countries like Morrocco;they’re defending theirs culture in France you cannot wear long skirt or a veil,in morrocco no mini skirts,this is the right balance.People calling Moroccans bigot should think about that,at least in Morocco decency is defended.

  3. if u know you will be in trouble for wearing a certain clothe then why do it?
    Anyway, am glad am not from such a country