PHOTOS: Not Much Of A B**ty For Sandra Ankobiah…But She Wears ‘Buscemi’

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Sandra Ankobiah
Sandra Ankobiah

In 2013, Jon Buscemi became a brand—and Sandra Ankobiah is rocking his sneaker, a pair roughly costing something like $600.

Sandra Ankobiah was at the Lizzy Sports Complex today—where Prince David Osei and  the other celebrities were playing a soccer match. And for Sandra, though that b**ty doesn’t catch our eyes, we surely cannot miss her expensive sneakers.

In fact, she wanted you to know what she was wearing—so she took the below photo too and captioned it; His and Hers #Buscemi.

At this stage, you can correctly guess who is standing in front of Sandra Ankobiah in the below photo…

Sandra Ankobiah
Sandra Ankobiah


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    1. riiighhhhtttt….I was abt write the same thing…I really wonder why they r nw making their relationship public.