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AUDIO: Asamoah Gyan Begs 22-Year-Old Sarah Kwabla to DELETE A Video & Also Terminate His Pregnancy

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

Not long ago, it emerged that a 22 year old-Sarah Kwabla is claiming she secretly recorded Gyan chopping her down in February—but that is not all, she is now pregnant and she is demanding that Asamoah Gyan should get her a neatly furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 for postnatal care.

She also claims the footballer raped her.

Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer-Kissi Adjarbeng has stated on radio that indeed Asamoah Gyan had s*x with this young lady but it was consensual—meaning, there was nothing like rape.

The young woman on the other hand claims Asamoah Gyan chopped her bum (sodomized her) during the intercourse without permission, that is where the whole rape allegation comes from. So it looks like she is saying, she only granted permission for her front to be chopped but after doing that, Asamoah Gyan allegedly moved to chop her backside too.

Interestingly, the young woman has not released the said video she claims to have of Asamoah Gyan, doing whatever nasty thing—but if the conversation below is authentic, then it seems there was indeed a video.

From the audio below which was published by Ghbase.Com, a voice that sounds perfectly like that of Ghanaian football star-Asamoah Gyan is heard, speaking to a woman said to be Sarah Kwabla—and the conversation is pretty interesting.

Listen to the audio below and tell us what you think…


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18 thoughts on “AUDIO: Asamoah Gyan Begs 22-Year-Old Sarah Kwabla to DELETE A Video & Also Terminate His Pregnancy”

  1. Oh No No No!!! Gyan why disgrace yourself like this? The girl has recorded you once before and you didn’t learn… ? Now you see….

  2. I am confused. That voice is Asamoah Gyan but I didn’t know he could speak English this good. Dude actually begging this small girl like that? Disgrace paa nie

  3. I think there is a misunderstanding during the entire conversation. Asamoah Gyan was actually talking about deleting the video, and the girl on the other hand was concerned about pregnancy. In my opinion Asamoah Gyan does not mind if the she keeps the pregnancy. He just doesn’t want the video to go viral.

    • He want the girl to delete the video and also have an abortion. He clearly says that “it is not the right time for him to have another baby”

  4. awurade,…loool gh boys s3 di3 mo p3’a nie….chale gyan this one di3 you chopped the wrong meat oh…i like the way you are hustling for your future but hmmm…my brother i hope youve learned…not any chic you can chop oh….oh your wife and kids…poor woman

  5. That’s why it’s said men should fear women. Some women are just devils, what’s this girl up to? Asamoah nso so, u should have kept your thing in your pants or better still be with your baby mama alone. See the mess you’ve got yourself into?


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