VIDEO: Important Advice to All the African Women Looking for Husbands | Better LEARN How to Cook

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Black woman
Black woman

The below video seems like a good advice—but then again, it also shows how some Ghanaian men really think; that women are good for cooking and that is what is needed to get you a good husband.

Of course a woman must be able to cook—and a man must be able to cook too. Or?

Somehow, our African men seem to think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, even in 2015—and as such if you cannot cook as a woman, you wouldn’t find a man.

Where is the man’s place then? If you say; it’s at work—does that mean those men without good jobs should not be paid attention too?

Of course his advice on fast food and cancer is good but every other thing else sounds like chaff to me.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think…



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  1. crap…its only gh men with that attitude…i love to cook but a man in the kitchen now and then doesnt harm anybody…plus i think its damn sexy that a man can cook…somec african men can be very hypocrite…some of these men go for these instagram babes, yet its the same babes hes warning to change their attitude…give us a break…ma nipa ndwene….ya br3 mo….

  2. So he wants to marry a woman so that the woman will become his cook slave? What a fool. He will end up making his food himself