Fake Hitz FM Presenter Who Claims To Be Dj Awana Busted


A young man who has been posing as DJ Awana of Hitz FM and defrauding people has been arrested by the Dansoman police.

According to, the imposter wrote DJ Awana’s official name, George Tetteh, on the back of the Hitz FM branded T-shirt he was wearing at the time of his arrest. He made representations to teachers of the Avemaria School Complex in Dansoman that he worked with the station.

His modus operandi is that he takes advantage of the school’s double entrance to defraud taxi drivers whose services he engages. Every time he needs the services of a taxi driver, he would just engage one and when he is done, he would ask to wait for him at the entrance of the school. Whilst the driver is waiting, he would pass the other gate at the opposite side and exit the premises leaving his victims empty-handed.

Luck, however, eluded Monday afternoon when the school’s securities official having been alerted by a taxi driver who was defrauded stopped and questioned the fraudster and subsequently arrested him.

According to a teacher of the school, last Friday ‘George’ went to the school’s administration with intention of securing admission for his child but was told that the administrator was not available and was therefore asked to come Monday.

Security personnel of the school with help of the teachers sending the imposter to the police station;

Surprisingly George came to the school last Saturday to make the same inquiries which made the teachers suspicious but they simply asked him to come Monday.

The teacher said a few minutes after ‘George’ had left a taxi driver came looking for him but when a search on school was done it was established he used the entrance.

He engaged the service of the taxi driver for the whole day and according to the said driver the imposter collected Ghc 50.00 from him and assured him to add it when he finishes his rounds.

The victim tried to locate him but his effort yielded no results.

This morning the same teacher saw George crossing from one entrance to the other in a swift movement which the teacher signaled the security man at the gate to refuse him entry

When he was questioned he said works with the Hitz FM who wanted an admission for his child who will be brought from Kumasi.

Subsequently he was invited to the school mother’s office of interrogation in which another taxi driver he charted came to demand payment of service and a GHC 30,00 he collected from earlier.

He had told the teachers earlier that a taxi driver he brought previous day had absconded with lap top, tablet and GHC 1,000,00.

He insisted he works with the station but changed mind to say he has worked with the station for three months as a driver some years back when the school authorities called the Dansoman police.

He started begging when the school security men were to taking him to the police.


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