Homosexuals Need Prayers? Christians with Sand in Their Heads Instead of Brains Rather Need Prayers!

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If you’re a Christian and you read how brainless your fellow Christians behave and act on the orders of a fellow man who claims God has called him, don’t you bow down your head in shame (speak the truth otherwise you’ll go to hell)?

The Christians who use their brain will condemn and the ones who don’t want to fall short of the glory of God will justify the action even if it involves eating a smelly weave and swallowing a snake believing it’s chocolate.

Considering the happenings going around these days in the Christian world….one can’t even claim Christianity with pride these days because it’s synonymous with ‘acting senseless’. I initially thought these ‘non thinkers’ are being hypnotised to act silly but that is actually not the case.

The curious case of South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni (in case you don’t know him, he’s the pastor who takes delight in abusing people by stepping on them and asking them to strip in the name of deliverance) and some of the acts and behaviours of other African and congregants begs the question: Do we have sand in our heads or brains?

How can a right thinking human being believe the snake they’re gullibly eating is a chocolate? Like how? Some Christians who claim they’re enlightened will even do worse so it’s not limited to ‘silly South Africans alone’ – it’s an African thing.

I was chatting to a friend who mentioned in passing that homosexuals need prayers so the Christian world must come together to pray against the attacks of the devil/demons. I found it very amusing because with all his problems, he’s still got time to pray for others.

Who is praying for my big head to shrink down to ‘manageable’ size? I witnessed a gay pride festival last Saturday (by chance or maybe out of curiosity) and sincerely, I need prayers more than the ‘devils/demons’ trying to take over the world.

So the Christians behaving like brainless and headless chickens should start praying for their fellow Christians for the sand in their heads to magically transform into brains so they can use it to reason properly because they need double prayers more than the homosexuals we’re ready to fast and pray for. Clean thy house first before you clean others.

Common sense – it’s a very rare gem!

GC Staff Sw