Homosexuals Need Prayers? Christians with Sand in Their Heads Instead of Brains Rather Need Prayers!

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If you’re a Christian and you read how brainless your fellow Christians behave and act on the orders of a fellow man who claims God has called him, don’t you bow down your head in shame (speak the truth otherwise you’ll go to hell)?

The Christians who use their brain will condemn and the ones who don’t want to fall short of the glory of God will justify the action even if it involves eating a smelly weave and swallowing a snake believing it’s chocolate.

Considering the happenings going around these days in the Christian world….one can’t even claim Christianity with pride these days because it’s synonymous with ‘acting senseless’. I initially thought these ‘non thinkers’ are being hypnotised to act silly but that is actually not the case.

The curious case of South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni (in case you don’t know him, he’s the pastor who takes delight in abusing people by stepping on them and asking them to strip in the name of deliverance) and some of the acts and behaviours of other African and congregants begs the question: Do we have sand in our heads or brains?

How can a right thinking human being believe the snake they’re gullibly eating is a chocolate? Like how? Some Christians who claim they’re enlightened will even do worse so it’s not limited to ‘silly South Africans alone’ – it’s an African thing.

I was chatting to a friend who mentioned in passing that homosexuals need prayers so the Christian world must come together to pray against the attacks of the devil/demons. I found it very amusing because with all his problems, he’s still got time to pray for others.

Who is praying for my big head to shrink down to ‘manageable’ size? I witnessed a gay pride festival last Saturday (by chance or maybe out of curiosity) and sincerely, I need prayers more than the ‘devils/demons’ trying to take over the world.

So the Christians behaving like brainless and headless chickens should start praying for their fellow Christians for the sand in their heads to magically transform into brains so they can use it to reason properly because they need double prayers more than the homosexuals we’re ready to fast and pray for. Clean thy house first before you clean others.

Common sense – it’s a very rare gem!

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    1. Where is the too much insult since I might have missed it. You have a problem with the truth written up there smh

    1. @akosuaghana:disqus I don’t mean to upset you but are Chris’s PA, friend or f**k mate. You seem to like whatever he puts out here and mostley the first to comment. Just asking

  1. This site is full of atheists! Some christians behave swallow anything, very true but to compare to homosexualism? the writer is an aethist who is trying to come off like a christian or someone who believes in religion. If he/she is a christian (not very sure of that), what will he/she be doing at a gay pride festival?

  2. This is so pathetic how can you judge an entire community based on what some stupid folks have done? are so hypocrits than you cannot even differentiate things?fake prophets have always existed,even the bible warmed us about that,and it’s obvious this south african pastors is a fake,any real good christian will tell you that;what this guy have being doing is not bibical and have nothing to do with Jesus Christ,so if you want to blame someone blame the pastors and his followers not the christian world because,my friend nobody is responsible of someone else soul in front of God,we are all entitled to our actions ok?.You hate christians so much that you go to any extent to ternish theirs name? let me ask you something,what is your problem with their faith?? is anybody forcing you to follow Jesus? you pretend to be libertarians and you don’t want to leave others people live their faith in peace?what it’s wrong with you?.If you were a good persons you have made the comparison with the bible to see if what the pastors is doing is biblical or not,but no you’re not honest or you’re just stupid.Nobody is perfect on earth,and i can’t be judge for what others people did so for one be honest and leave christians alone.

    1. I am a christian but I don’t agree with you saying people should be left alone with their faith. For them to continue messing it in Gods name? So the pastor and the followers should be left alone right? What kind of thinking is this. Please come again. I don’t see this article as attack on Christian. I am a Christian too and to be frank, some of us hate the truth which this articles tells in plain english

      1. Did isj wrote his opinion in Swahili? So why don’t u understand that there are fake people who are driven Christianity in a different direction in the name of wealth and other reasons? That’s the point he is trying to make!
        You called urself a christian did those pastors imitate christ? So why can’t Chris expose those fake pastors instead of Christianity as a whole? The way you understood Chris hatred in English the same way isj made his comments in the same plain English! !

        Chris we all can’t be homosexuals and practice Atheistsm believe! Raise the awareness of fake pastors instead of Christianity as a whole.

  3. And really if were an humanitarian and an intelligent person you will have smell the gay evil agenda since,but i suppose you prefer to go against christians for the simple fact that they are reflecting the goodness and the moral you are not because you’re too weak to abandon your sins and mistake,you’re weak and this why you’re always insulting christians and accusing them,because you can’t stand the truth of your imperfections;and i will prove to you how much you’re hypocrits or simply stupid:few week back a couple lost his bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a same s*x marriage,churches have been closed down for refusing to celebrate same sex mariage,some people have been asked to leave theirs jobs because of their opposition to same sex mariage;all this mess have been caused by your libertarians and gays friends,you call christians intolerante,you ask them to not interfere in your lifes,so why are you forcing them to bake cake and perfoming same s*x mariage? you claim to fight for freedom and you’re destroying others ones? why?.Some time back a gay couple have been arrested for rapping one of theirs sons,and this is something that happens frequently but of course you will never talk about it because,it will expose your stupidity.What about the gay pride where people parades naked,kissing,drinking and fucking in the streets in front everybody including children? i suppose this is alright because their are not christians if was christians you would have wrote a gory article about it,you hypocrit;And have your ever read about the gay Manifesto?? is it that kind of mad persons you defend?? i pity you people so much God forgive you and have mercy upon your souls.