Yvonne Nelson Says She Did Not Take Any Money From the NPP…But There is MORE

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Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson has taken to instagram to say she did not take any money from the NPP as a support for her DumsorMustStop Vigil which took place a few months ago—contrary to allegations from the NPP camp that the actress was given 5000GHS.

Earlier today, we reported that a certain Baah Acheamfour who i s a spokesperson for the ‘Save NPP Now’ pressure group and also a communication member of NPP has disclosed that his party supported the popular #DumsorMustStop campaign financially, stating that, in fact Yvonne Nelson was GH¢5000—per John Boadu, the party’s National Organiser’s budget presentation.

Ironically, this claim is not coming from the headquarters of the ruling party, against which the protest can be said to have been staged. Rather, it is coming from people within the NPP.

Baah told NEAT Fm that; “John Boadu said he took GH¢5000 from the party and gave it to Yvonne Nelson. So first of all I am asking if he truely gave that money to Yvonne Nelson? I really want Yvonne Nelson to help the party by coming out to clarify if John Boadu actually gave her the money. NPP as a party had nothing to do with what Yvonne Neslson and her team were doing but John claim they request for support from the party”.

Though Yvonne Nelson is saying nothing like this happened—she seems to shoot her self in the foot by saying, someone should make this claim in public and the person will be sued by her. What is more public than having said this on Neat FM, one of the biggest radio station in Ghana?

Perhaps, there is something Yvonne Nelson is not telling us…

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  1. Yvonne my advise to you is simple.
    Put your money where your mouth is and sue Mr Baah as soon as possible – after all he made the allegation on a public platform, a whole radio station…
    We are tired of your hot air & empty threats…..Ya bre wo!!!

  2. Yvonne Nelson nia Gbam and she will run to reply everything. Ok go and sue and let’s see. You brag a lot lol

  3. yvonne is behaving like a wild dog with rabies just waiting to bite anything. Replying every single thing like a spoilt brat. A mature woman will inform her lawyers and sue the accuser since his identity is known. You’ve rather gone to create a whole diagram for social media just to rant for attention. Wouldn’t it be better to use that energy to get your legal team rolling.?Stop being such a drama queen and grow the h€ll up!!

  4. Errrr the man made the allegation in public already, on a radio station!! As Sarkodie will say, “What Else” …..Is yvonne waiting for him to come to her front door and announce it?? SMH….