National Population Council Says Ghanaians Procreate Too Much And We Need To Stop

The National population Council says Ghanaians would have to slow down on making babies since our population is growing so much


Being one of the countries that glorify making a lot of babies, Ghana’s population is vastly outnumbering the available land and resources we have.

Unless we want to end up like China, who had to enforce a one couple, one child, rule; the National population Council says Ghanaians would have to slow down on making babies.

The director of the council, Marian Kpakpa, has warned that more pressure would be on health and other social amenities in the next three decades if we do not take measures to halt our growth. Our population, currently at 25m, is projected to hit 60m by 2060.

According to her, families would need to consciously make plans to cut down on their number of babies. Which means more people would have to get on contraception.

Ms Kpakpa was speaking to Accra based Joy FM.

“If we can increase the capacity of the land size and roads and create enough jobs then so be it, but we can’t change anything about our land size and our economy is growing and can’t do anything about it, so the choice is to slow down the rate at which we are growing,” Kpakpa told the station.

NPC data shows that the average Ghanaian woman wants to have a minimum of three children and a maximum of seven, making us of one of the “fastest growing nations in the world.”

We’re in the 21st century, Ghanaian ladies: we need to save the planet for those coming after us, so better change that  ‘be fruitful and multiply’ mindset.


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