Don’t Promise Quality Education If You Can’t Provide Chalk; Group Goes Wild Over 2nd Lady’s Comment

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Mrs. Amissah-Arthur
Mrs. Amissah-Arthur

Ghana’s Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur has come under attack after she took what some consider to be an impolite approach in responding to a simple request for chalk and other teaching materials that was laid before her during her visit to the Kukurantumi Presbyterian Primary School.

Now, a group called The Women in Defence of Education (WIDE) is appalled to hear the derogatory and unsavory response that had earmarks of arrogance borne out of unsolicited and undeserved power, fall out from the mouth of Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur wife of the vice president of Ghana.

According to them, the government promised the good people of Ghana quality education but “shamefully they can not even provide basic necessities as chalk, registers and teachers log books to facilitate smooth running of the already deteriorating educational system that has been saddled with examination malpractices in the recent times.”

A statement by The Women in Defence of Education said, “The Second Lady insistance that government has spoilt Ghanaians by providing for even basic needs and that has led to parents becoming reluctant o acquire school uniforms by government clearly defeats the principles of a government tht prides itself as Social Democrats.”

“We find Mrs. Arthurs’s comments to be one thousands of miles away from the venerable position she occupies! Such statements don’t gratify an innocent soul like the headmistress who saw in the 2nd Lady of the republic a mother who could channel all her problems to a leader (President Mahama) who is not accessible.”

WIDE has called on the 2nd Lady to use her position to lobby through her husband to as a matter of urgency and provide all schools in the country with their basic needs.