North Korean Elections ‘Achieve 99.97 Per Cent Turnout’

Kim Jong-un

You wouldn’t get this happening anywhere in the world, except North Korea where everything is controlled, including what the State News Agency is allowed to tell us.

Last year we were told a North Korean election to elect the 687 seats in the Supreme People’s Assembly achieved 100 per cent voter turnout and 100 per cent approval of the government’s policies—today, we are being told there was 99.97 per cent turnout during yesterday’s North Korea’s election.

Pyongyang’s state news agency reported that voters were “singing and dancing” as they cast their votes in polls to elect new provincial, city and county representatives put forward by the ruling party.

All polling stations were “clad in a festive atmosphere”, according to official Korean Central News Agency.

Local elections have been held every four years since 1999. They are partly an effort to legitimise the use of “democratic” in the nation’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – with 27,390 delegates elected in the last vote, held in July 2011.

Over the years, North Korea which is ruled by Kim Jong-un has become synonymous to propaganda and BS—if they are not claiming to have a single ‘tablet’ that cures Cancer, Ebola and HIV, they are telling us they had 100% election voters turnout.

Of course, their target for these outlandish lies is their citizens- and if you’re basically cut off from the world with little access to information, the word of the supreme leader, who is worshiped almost as a god, would have immense weight; so people would actually believe this claim.

In the past, other claims made about the demigod Kim Jong-un are that he was born atop a mountain which made a double rainbow and a new star to spontaneously appear, that he has magical powers and so he does not use the toilet; and that he invented the hamburger.

Who comes up with these egregious lies? How can you keep an entire nation so subjugated they would buy into such obvious fabrications.

North Korea
North Korea



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