Showcase Our Culture Through Your Movies; Abrobe Tells Ghana Movie Directors

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Akan Drama

Veteran Obra Drama Series Actor, Kwaku Ahin popularly known as Abrobe has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of Ghanaian movies which seem to portray foreign cultures.

He disclosed in an interview with Felix Adjei (Mr. Lattus) on FM’s Entertainment Chart Show on Saturday that, the movie industry is deviating from showcasing the Ghanaian culture through our movies.

He opined that certain traditional settings being used in the movies are totally wrong;

“In Akan traditions, a male child of a chief can never succeeds his father when he dies, we don’t have body guards for chiefs as far as our Ghanaian culture is concerned.”

Blame On Movie Directors & Script Writers;

“Our movie directors should up their game and change things. Nowadays everything is just comic and sometimes you won’t even understand the story line. I wonder why we use Nigeria costumes in some of our movies.”

“How do you if you get the opportunity to watch old movies or TV series like Inspector Bediako, I Told You So…and others?,” He asked.

He called on all stakeholders to help save the Ghanaian Movie Industry from sinking;

“I wish Ghana Television can change the time that Obra is aired on their network because many people may be at church as at 10 a.m on Sundays.”

He charged movie fans to buy copies of movies instead of pirating and share with friends.

“It will help produce quality movies in our country if we do away with pirating and sharing of movies, just go to the shops and buy the original copies,” he said.