Travelling Like A Celebrity…It’s Back to Back Louis Vuitton For Star Actress-Jackie Appiah

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Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Ghanaian star-actress Jackie Appiah is also a Louis Vuitton ‘freak’—just like almost every one who calls himself or herself a celebrity in our part of the world.

How much our celebrities spend on LV must be a lot and we hope the satisfaction and sense of belonging they obtain from owing multiple cases of the expensive design are worth it.

On her way to Disney, the actress packed back to back LV cases—and she took a photo for the world.

How much do you think she is carrying on that trolley if converted into money?

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  1. If this had been Sandra A., GC would have said the bags are FAKE but b’cos its Jackie, its a different story. hmmmmm…………… I see u GC!

  2. we’re tired of seeing this Louis vuitton designs,i think that’s the only designer bags African celebrities know. pls show us other designs.

  3. G.C, Obiaa behu mo. k)t) de3 ne bo dw3. If it was Sandra Ankobia or Sexy BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT Yvonne Nelson, it wud av been a negative caption. Look at these second class fake LV bankye anantuO Jackie is carrying? tweeeeaaaa.. Jackie bankye anantuo Appiah, wa y3 mr3. wo sika asa. come to think of it, when was da last tym we saw your movie?

  4. I didnt say they are rotating the LV bags, What am saying is that I havent seen Sandra, Miss Nelson, Miss Okoro and Madam anantuo Jacky with the bags at the time.