Video: Watch Prankster Shower Sepp Blatter With Money At FIFA Press Conference

Sepp Blatter showered with money


FIFA President Sepp Blatter received the shock of his life when a British prankster showered him with fake notes during a FIFA press conference in Zurich.

British comedian Simon Brodkin, who performs under the stage name Lee Nelson, infiltrated FIFA headquarters to pull off the stunt.

He approached the table where Sepp was preparing to give his speech, and showered him with fake money bills.

“Sepp, this is for North Korea 2026. Thank you very much” He said to the FIFA President, placing a wad of his bills on the table.

He then proceeded to give a mock speech advocating for North Korea to be handed the 2026 World cup.

“Here you go, Sepp” He said, showering the visibly shocked Blatter with the bills as security escorted him out. Blatter had to exit the stage a while to recompose himself, saying as he left that “this has nothing to do with football”

FIFA is currently going through a tough phase, as corruption charges are labelled against several top officials. Blatter himself has managed to stay un-impeached, but most people believe he’s as much a part of the problem as anyone else.

Brodkin is a known prankster, and pulled a ‘Kanye West’ on Kanye himself, interrupting Yeezus’ set during his performance at the Glastonbury festival last month.

Watch the funny video below…

Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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