The Obama Girls’ Contradiction to the Every Day Girl | No Weaves, No Expensive Bags & Certainly No Stress

Obama Girls
Obama Girls

The above photo shows the most powerful president in the world, the president of the United States-Barack Obama and his teenage daughters—and apart from the president who is in a simple but decent suit, the girls will pass for poor secondary school students in Ghana.

These are the daughters of the most powerful man in the world and yet, they kept it simple—no long expensive Brazilian hair or weaves, no expensive LV bags, no high heels or expensive Louboutins and most definitely, no stress.

Young women of today from our part of the world are complete opposite of these girls who have the means and yet seem to be living simple lives—paying little or no attention to the stressful high fashion lifestyle.

It’s pretty shocking that even the most famous family in the world with the means keep things well within the boundaries of simplicity and yet the struggling daughter of that broke man continues to push for things she cannot afford.

Also, can you spot how chatty and happy these girls seem? Their dresses could pass for something most Ghanaian girls will use for laundry and yet, they are by the side of the most powerful man.

For me, if we begin to accept who we are and take pride in simple things instead of those being pushed down our throat from the fashion and beauty industry,  we may begin to genuinely smile and have stress free lives as the above photo depicts.

I am not saying these girls have no connection with the expensive fashion and beauty industry—all I am saying is, there is elegance and peace in simplicity and this photo clearly shows that.


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