VIDEO: Mad Woman Afia Schwarzenegger Arrested For Beating the Hell Out Of A Man…SHOCKING!

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Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

From the video below, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen seriously trying to resist arrest—and according to reports, she was heavily drunk and perhaps high when the incident happened.

Afia Schwarzenegger is reported to have gone to a popular Omutuo Joint at Agbobga Junction in Accra over the weekend. While at this place, the comedian/radio presenter lost her phone…

Apparently, Afia Schwarzenegger suspected a certain man to have stolen her phone and she jumped on this poor man—battering him here and there.

In fact, it got really serious to the extent that the police came in to arrest Afia Schwarzenegger—handcuffing her in the open to the watch of every body.

Following this, Afia Schwarzenegger took to her instagram to explain what happened, saying; “I went to a restaurant to buy food….I was approached by this beautiful family to for a pic…After which a few other people asked me for a foto. …what happened next is a script I will give to @lydiaforson.
This is not to disrespect anybody but to inform u my loyal fans not to ask me for pictures at certain places…sometimes my security matters as well
Luv you all and Good morning.”

Maybe if Afia Schwarzenegger stops the heavy drinking and weed smoking, she would be able to keep an eye on her phone—which woman beats a man, even if a thief?

As to why this mad woman still has a job with two of Ghana’s respectable media houses-EIB Network and UTV is pretty shocking—insanity has a new price tag we guess.

Check out the video below…