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Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation1
Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation


Tom Cruise has returned for the fifth time with another Mission: Impossible movie’; ‘Rogue Nation’ as Ethan Hunt —an action thriller majorly set in London.

This time, the Mission: Impossible franchise which has been running for almost 20 years places 53-year old-Tom Cruise in the middle of a thought-of British Intelligence secret organisation turned a terrorist group called ‘The Syndicate.’

Even if Tom Cruise’s admirable six packs and physiques do not make you forget his age, the excellent action stunts he pulls off by himself would blow your mind. From hanging to a taking off plane to riding a motor bike with no helmet at a top speed in Casablanca, Morocco—‘Rogue Nation’ once again reminds us that, Mission: Impossible is perhaps the only franchise which comes a little closer to the James Bond franchise.

Made possible by Alibaba Pictures, ‘Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation’ puts the IMF agency under unexpected threat from ‘The Syndicate’, a near-mythical organization of assassins and rogue operatives run by a creepy villain-Solomon Lane (Sean Harris).

Interestingly, it was exactly when the IMF agency was under threat of extermination that the agency was dissolved, with its members- Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg (who plays Benji Dunn ) pulled into the CIA, Ving Rhames resigning—and Tom Cruise becoming that rogue agent wanted by the CIA.

Not only does ‘Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation’ successfully battle the last James Bond movie with the super cool gadgets, fierce fighting and high speed chases, it also brings in the sexy Rebecca Ferguson (who plays Ilsa Faust), a British Intelligence Service agent whose place of loyalty remains confusing till the end of the movie.  Rebecca Ferguson sits in as some sort of a$$-kicking Bond Girl—and her kicks were swift, brutal and deadly.

The entire Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation movie can be boxed into 3 major events—-the first taking place at the Vienna State Opera where we see punches and gunshots being exchanged by 3 separate hitmen (and woman) as well as Ethan Hunt and his side-kick Benji Dunn, centered around the assassination of the Austrian Chancellor.

Off the back of the happenings at the Vienna State Opera, Ethan Hunt and Benji Dunn traced down Ilsa Faust to Morocco where Ilsa Faust who was regarded as an ally by the two defunct IMF members turns on them—which led to that amazing high speed bike chase with Ethan Hunt leaning over recklessly at corners.

Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation
Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation’

Director Christopher McQuarrie brought a lot on board for the indefatigable spy franchise—and it was not just the action, the twists were excellent and yet less confusion. It was a search to terminate ‘The Syndicate’—an adventure which was in-crusted with several events, all connected to the attempt in finding the person running ‘The Syndicate.’

The third and final phase of events fixed the ending action of the movie in London where the ‘Rogue Nation’ was first conceived—and not surprisingly, where the face behind the shadow organisation was stationed.

In London, it was the collective efforts of all the IMF agency members and Ilsa Faust which crippled ‘The Syndicate’—where the guys plus the woman successfully trapped Solomon Lane in his own style. And this was after his men had been ‘beautifully’ taken down.

Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation is ‘action packed’ but it has a follow through story—the tension, twists and action develop at a decent pace…

A minute ago, Tom Cruise was dead—and now, he is in front of a BMW on a high speed chase; that is ‘Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation.’




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