Joe Jackson, 87, Suffered Stroke After ‘taking 3 Viagras’ in Brazil

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Joseph Walter Jackson
Joseph Walter Jackson

Joe Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, was admitted to a Brazilian hospital after suffering a stroke late last month in Brazil—and it was emerged today, he suffered stroke after taking three viagras.

The question is; what is 87 year-old man doing with viagras?

According to MailOnline, “Joe Jackson suffered a stroke and three heart attacks after a night of partying with younger women in Brazil – amid claims that he took three Viagra pills.

The 87-year-old flew into the country two weeks ago for a pleasure trip set to include a $200,000-birthday blowout in his honor but ended up being rushed to hospital on the eve of the celebration.

Now as he recovers in Sao Paulo after being released today from hospital, it has emerged the temptations of the Brazilian party city may have been physically too much for Michael Jackson’s father.

Just hours after his arrival in the country, the Jackson patriarch was spotted dining with a group of ladies including a voluptuous – and much younger – woman at an upscale restaurant.

Two days later he hit the town once again with the attractive redhead and other women, and was said to have been out until the early hours.”

The website adds that; “According to a local newspaper, the octogenarian ‘overdid it’ on his second big night out with his lady friends.

As they visited a number of bars and restaurants, he is said to have mixed the local cocktail of caipirinha – made with Brazilian sugarcane rum – with other drinks.

But the ‘bigger problem’ was that he also had taken ‘three little blue pills’ for erectile dysfunction.”

What a badman!

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