Aftermath Of June 3 Disaster: One More Body Discovered At The Disaster Zone

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Accra Flood-Aftermath
Accra Flood-Aftermath

One more body has been found at the June 3 flame and surge catastrophe zone, two months after the calamity struck.

The decayed body of the man was discovered Monday after inhabitants griped of foul notice that exuded from the Bediako Brothers house, where a Pharmacy is sited.

The inhabitants went into the shop, discovered the body of the man and immediately alerted the City Authorities, Joy News’ Kwetey Nartey reported.

More than 150 individuals kicked died on June 3 taking after heavy rains created a heart-tweaking flooding and flame fiasco.

Three days of national grieving was declared by the president of Ghana out of appreciation for the memory of the individuals who kicked the bucket.

According to, The Justice Douse committee which was constituted to examine the reason for the calamity discharged its discoveries a week ago, accusing the calamity for the surge, displacement of fuel at the Goil Filling station and a lit cigarette by one Seth Kwesi Ofosu.

The report said 154 individuals kicked the bucket with the same number of individuals maintaining changing degrees of wounds.

“Five houses including the Goil Filling Station suffered various degrees of damage as a result of the fire.” The properties are esteemed at 1,658,847.00.

The committee is suggesting digging the Odaw waterway and its tributaries and additionally the production of a sanitation police force.


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