Investigations Show Truck Driver Who Slammed Into Tracy Morgan’s Limo Had Not Slept In 28 Hours

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is currently almost out of the nightmare crash that killed his friend and almost crippled him, whilst having also reached a settlement with Walmart.

Yet as most people had suspected, it could have been an entirely avoidable crash. The driver in question had been working for over 28 hours without any sleep, which obviously was a huge contributory factor to the crash.

The investigation, carried out by the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB), determined that Wal-Mart truck driver Kevin Roper had not slept in over a day by the time the crash occurred on June 7 last year.

Roper drove 800 miles from his home in Georgia to a Wal-Mart facility in Delaware, a 12 hour drive. After that he made deliveries for over 14 hours, meaning he had been driving non-stop for 28 hours without sleep when he rammed Morgan’s limo.

The NTSB said the driver violated best practices for the profession, meaning his negligence contributed to the crash.

“Drivers have a professional responsibility to do the right thing,” NTSB member Robert Sumwalt said Tuesday. “Their professional obligation (is to their company) and the people who share the road with them.

“This driver abdicated each of those responsibilities.”

Roper was also driving 65mph in a 45mph zone, the report added. However, only one out of the seven people in the limo had their seatbelt buckled at the time of the crash, which also contributed to comedian James McNair’s death and Morgan’s severe injuries.

The NTSB team made many recommendations for improving safety in any future eventuality.

Wal-Mart had earlier on reached a settlement with Morgan and some of the other victims in relation to the crash.


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