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Ray J Thinks He Has the Answer to Why Some Women Have TRUST ISSUES | Check It Out!

Ray J
Ray J

William Ray Norwood, Jr popularly known as Ray J is known for a lot—a singer, model, songwriter and others but he is famous for that infamous Kim Kardashian s*x tape.

This should obviously tell you the kind dude Ray J is and certainly, he is not the one to go for a relationship advice or the one we think would have anything pretty deep to say about Trust Issues.

However, he shared the above which points to the argument that, some women have trust issues because they are not real.

This is a weak argument but you cannot totally dismiss it on the grounds that, you will surely panic as a person if you sold oranges to someone as apples—knowing that, one day, the person would find out and then go for the real apples.

Many women hide behind make-up and aided by social media, they are able to pull the attention of men—but there will always come a time when the make-up must be wiped out. And that is when, the thinking begins; will he still stay irrespective of what he sees?

Of course, a lady’s face should not be the determinate of her worth but when she made that the source of attraction with tricks, then surely, it comes to play a key role for the man too.

Also, some men are deeply shallow and either we like it or not, how you look like when you wake up in the morning matters greatly to them.

Ray J may not be totally right but women should take a cue—be original and don’t become a confident trickster because you will have to live with the accompanying insecurities and trust issues.


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