WTF? Supposed Gay Man Given 100 Lashes With Sharp Metals At Nima


This kind of barbarism continues unchecked in this country, where people delight in being judge, jury and executioner in cases that they think offends their sensibilities; but we’re either running a democracy or we’re not.

It’s about time those communities who delight in this kind of issues be called out for the backwards, brutish animals they are. In civilised society, we deal differently with those who are not aligned with our thinking.

I remember the Kinto case also occurred in Nima, so obviously there is a bigger concentration of brainless idiots there. And because law enforcement condones this behaviour it continues unabated.

Starrfmonline reports “A vigilante group in Nima – a predominant Muslim community in Ghana’s capital, Accra – has flogged a man suspected to be gay.

The suspect received about 100 lashes from the vigilante group popularly known as Safety Empire. According to the group, its aim is to wage a crusade against homosexuality.

The man was whipped mercilessly when he allegedly tried to lure another resident into the controversial act.

He was found guilty based on Sharia laws, the group said in a Facebook post.

The man, who was helpless and weak in a video released by the group on social media, was undressed and whipped with belts, sticks and sharp metals. He had bruises all over his body.

The vigilante group has served notice it will sustain the attack on suspected gays to stop homosexuality in the community and Ghana as a whole.”

Obviously somebody has to tell these guys they do not run the country, and also that they’re supposed to be in jail. I’m just tired of Ghanaians taking the parts of their scripture they like and judging others based on that whilst gleefully breaking everything else- yet never realising their flagrant hypocrisy.



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