SCIENCE Vrs THE BIBLE II: Reasons Why the Bible is Truly From God


Scientists have made groundbreaking discoveries that have helped humankind adapt to this wild world. From sophisticated mobile phones to improved healthcare, science has been able to provide heart-warming comfort and pleasure to mankind.

Science by definition is the knowledge gotten from observation and experimentation.  Religion (for the purpose of this article I will use religion and faith interchangeably) is profoundly described, in the language of atheist, as believing something without evidence; which to them is tantamount to abject stupidity.

Lots of atheists hide behind the shadow of science to wield, often irrefutable synthesis emanating from people of strong religious background and since lots of learned religious leaders and their associates cannot substantiate their theories with facts, atheists always have the last laugh, as it were.

The Bible, a sacred book professed to be the inspired word of God has come under lots of skepticism and even criticism from non Christians, especially atheists. Lots of the laws stipulated in the Old Testament reflect oppression (to women) and aggression (numerous wars and killings perpetuated by God).

Many scholars, often of atheistic background have labelled the Bible as a literature book but I am wondering what kind of literature has a strong influence as the Bible; a book that has be translated in more than 2,300 languages (meaning it’s accessible to over 85 percent of the world’s population).

Though Scientists have made lots of progress in their field, their works merely scratch the surface. Physicist and Nobel laureate-Steven Weinberg famously declared, “We will never get to the bottom of things.” Another renowned scientist, Professor Martin Rees, wrote; “There may be things that humans will never understand. The truth is that much of nature, from the tiny cell to the vast universe, still remains beyond the grasp of modern science.

From the above, its obvious science has done little to answer lots of the ‘unanswerable questions.’ There are lots of things that perplex scientists and thus limit their understanding of our natural world albeit their powerful tools and their supposed intelligence.

Many staunch atheists, majority of whom are scientists are of the strongest opinion that very soon science and its fundamental ideals will replace the Bible. If science has not been able to demystify lots of things relating to the world, then its obvious we need to look elsewhere for answers. This where the Bible comes in.

There are 66 books and letters that make up the Bible. A careful examination of what constitutes this special book and how it affects your life greatly makes it worthy of consideration. It will strengthen your faith (herein belief backed by evidence) and also make you believe that there also is a God, the author of the Bible.

Historically factual: The book made several predictions ahead of time, some of which have been fulfilled. The most distinctive one was about Babylon. It was foretold through prophet Isaiah that mighty Babylon shall fall and it will never be inhabited for generation after generation. The uninhabited site of Babylon can be seen in present day Iraq, 50 miles south of Baghdad. This is a clear testament to the authenticity of the Bible.

Daniel, great prophet of God made a prophecy concerning world empires that will succeed Babylon. These forecasts, with the passage of time have been fulfilled. America and Great Britain are now the powerhouses of the world, preceded by Medo-Persia and Greece. 

Scientifically Coherent: Even though the Bible is not a science textbook, it contains some scientific knowledge which every good scientist will not dismiss in a hurry. The Bible outlines issues relative to personal hygiene and passes some commentary on geography. Scientists today have been able to correlate lots of information in the Bible to form the bases of their judgment. This includes how the earth is suspended as well as the age of the earth. Texts like “in the beginning God created the world” and “the earth is suspended on nothing” opened the door for scientific discovery.

I can cite more examples to buttress the fact the Bible is truly from God. I will however bring a second part of this article if my atheist friends raise any form objection.


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