SHOTS FIRED BACK: Kwaw Kese Says Kontihene Should Focus On His Dying Career And Stop Talking About Him

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Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

The self-acclaimed ‘King of the Street’ is back; and this time he’s throwing jabs at his alleged enemy – Kontihene – who subliminally said Kwaw Kese’s songs do not make any sense.

Speaking on Kokomlemle-based Hitz FM, the ‘Na Yatal’ hit maker said instead of Kontihene talking about him (Kwaw Kese), he should rather pay more attention to his dying career.

The rapper believes Kontihene wants to revive his dead music career by riding on his (Kwaw Kese) fame because he (Kwaw Kese) has got massive following in Ghana and beyond.

According to Kwaw Kese, Kontihene was only relevant in the music industry ten (10) years ago. As it stands now, he’s no more important in the Ghanaian music terrain so he (Kontihene) shouldn’t ride on his (Kwaw Kese) fame to stay relevant again; better still, he should remain in his ‘grave’ with his dead career.

He purported that he, among others are the most talked about musicians in Ghana right now.