Two Methodist Bishops Call On Ghana To Kick Against Gay Practices: Fair Enough, But They Need To Learn Some Basic Science First

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Most Rev. Emmanuel Asante
Most Rev. Emmanuel Asante

Church leaders everywhere need to stand against gay practices, of course, it’s in the scriptures ( they also need to stand against eating shellfish and pork, wearing cloth with two different fabrics, and menstruating women, but no one seems to do those). And whilst often those positions are steeped deep in bigotry, and amounts to nothing but cherry picking scripture, you can forgive that because some of them simply do not know of any better way to deal with what they perceive to be a menace.

But what one cannot forgive is this supposedly learned people and moral authorities peddling blatant untruths just to make their point. It’s the same mistake Manasseh made when he wrote a hate filled tirade against the practice.

So it’s time to debunk that myth once and for all, animals DO practice homosexuality.

Numerous studies have shown time without number that homosexual activity is rampant in the animal kingdom. Some project that 10% of all animals are gay, which some suspect is roughly equivalent to the number of humans with any sort of LGBTQ tendencies. Info like this is just a Google search away.

You can read into that what you like, but this is a generally accepted scientific fact. So you can choose many ways to fight your gay fight, but please can we stop using this ignorant party line because it is obviously not true.

So I’ve caught two high ranking bishops of the Methodist Church in a lie, told either in ignorance or as propaganda, neither of which is a particularly palatable reason. Now if they can lie about this, what else have they been lying about….?

What they said…

The incoming Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Right Reverend Titus K. Awotwi Pratt, at a meeting last Monday on the planning of the forthcoming Tema-Ashaiman Gospel Crusade, spoke about homosexuality and the need for Africa to kick it to the curb.

“Let us, in Ghana, in our poverty, uphold and preserve our God-given human dignity and self-respect than to succumb to ‘mammon’ and its attendant opulence and liberalism.

“We can do away with foreign aid which comes to support our national budgets” He said, according to Graphic Online.

“It is, therefore, incumbent on our national leaders to serve faithfully and seek the development of our countries in Africa.

“Any sane society will not propagate same-s*x marriage as being legitimate.

“Same s*x couples only focus and depend on the personal s*xual gratification against the natural principle of procreation,” he said

“Lower creatures in the animal kingdom, even for s*xual gratification, are attracted to the opposite sex and never to the same sex”.

The current Presiding Bishop, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel K. Asante, had earlier echoed similar sentiments.

According to this Daily Guide article, he stressed that no sane society or country will approve homosexuality.

He said God created man and woman for procreation as the principle of fertilisation runs through all creatures and so there could be no justification for human beings to practise homosexuality.

Most Rev. Prof. Asante was speaking at a pastors’ meeting at Tema ahead of Reinhard Bonnke’s Crusade at Ashaiman scheduled for December 3-6, this year.

He was of the view that developed nations had influenced the liberal thinking ability of human beings by replacing the principles of God with humanism.

He pointed out that the love of material things and pleasure had made people to think otherwise.

According to Most Rev Professor Asante, even animals do not engage in such despicable acts stating, “Lesser creatures in the kingdom of animalia, you will never see the male dog crossing the male; it never happens. But we of the higher beings of the kingdom animalia are saying no.”

Can we stop lying to ourselves please? We’re Ghanaians, we generally do not like facts but I’m sure we can think of a million other ways to demean gay people without resorting to straight up lying.

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  1. The Gay hate propaganda will never stop as far as it serves a particular purpose to those that use it. It is sad but very true. Politicians will use it to get the masses to rally behind them, the clergy will use to as a means of getting people closer to “God” and by that closer to the church where their offering bowls would be filled. Everyone seems to forget that the bible which they hold dear to their hearts spoke of loving ones neighbor and not hate, chastise and condemn. Isn’t it ironic that the Christians Messiah in the person of the beloved begotten son of the God himself through out his ministry and life on earth was silent on same sex activity? Perhaps through out his entire period here on earth he didn’t encounter any of such situation.

  2. Ignorance is what is killing these idiots masquerading as men of god. The level of stupidity in these circles is so deep that they cant think rationally so they have to resort to lies. The same idiots still believe there are money trees, there are spirits that can double your money, and talismans that can cure diseases. Ghana’s problems can all be laid at the foot of these charlatans using a second book written by bronze age men to try and rip people off. The hypocrisy of African stinks to high heaven. When they can eat monkeys and curse homosexuals is all you need to know about the lack of thinking. Leviticus also condemns eating monkeys. And yet on radio program in Ghana a “reverend” was condemning homosexuals while in the same breath praising monkey meat(kukuo) as good to eat. It’s fucking frustrating when it comes to ghanaians.