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Ohio Woman Kills Three Sons Because She Believed Her Husband Was Ignoring Their Daughter

Brittany Pilkington
Brittany Pilkington

It beats the imagination how a mother can do this to their own children. Killing three boys because she felt the daughter was neglected? I’ve never heard such warped logic.

Unless she’s mentally disturbed, which I think is the defense her lawyer would probably go for. Either way it’s a sick and very disturbing story.

23 year old Brittany Pilkington killed her three children over an interval of over a year, with police claiming she did it because the daughter was not being attended to by the dad.

She has been arrested and confessed to the crime, with police charging her with three counts of murder.

According to the BBC:

“An Ohio woman has confessed to police that she killed her three sons because she said her husband was ignoring their daughter.

Police had at first ruled out foul play in the deaths of Brittany Pilkington’s three-month-old boy in July 2014 and her four-year-old son in April.

But when a third son was found dead on Tuesday, police took Ms Pilkington in for questioning and she confessed.

She told police she killed the boys by suffocating them with blankets.

Ms Pilkington, 23, was charged with three counts of murder and has been jailed.

When her three-month old boy was found dead in July 2014, authorities in Bellefontaine – a small town southwest of Cleveland – had removed the remaining boy and her three-year-old daughter from the home.

The children were returned to the family when the medical examiner found no evidence of foul play.

Police had been suspicious because Ms Pilkington did not show emotion when her three-month-old son died in July 2014.

Authorities said Ms Pilkington and her husband Joseph were cooperative as she confessed to the killings.

“In her mind,” Logan County prosecutor William Goslee said, “she was protecting her daughter from not being as loved as the boys were by their father


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