VIDEO: Who Told You It Was Wrong to Be Submissive to Your Man?

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Most women have become the men in their relationships—and have developed this misconception that, a 21st century relationship does not demand a submissive woman.

Of course no one is asking that a woman should allow her man to walk all over her, says the beautiful woman in the below video. But surely, women who want to keep their relationships need to understand the role submissiveness play.

In her 5 tips why most women are single or unable to keep a relationship, she mentions that, women who listen to their friends who are not in relationships or are in bad relationships end up ruining theirs.

She advises that, if you are a woman looking for relationship advice, it’s better to speak to one of your happily married friends—and not the bitter struggling ones.

Interestingly, the woman behind the video points out that, finding that perfect man will never happen—you must meet the good one and fine him to your satisfaction.  You must help him become what you want and grow with him to the land of perfection.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think…

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Posted by Slam 100.5fm on Friday, 14 August 2015

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