AUDIO: Amanda Acquah in Another Big Trouble? HELL NO | Doctored Audio By Rodney Aboagye & Others to Disgrace Afriyie Acquah’s Wife…

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Amanda Acquah
Amanda Acquah

Amanda Acquah is back in the news with a hovering scandal—we are told the person alleged to be behind her recently leaked n*ked photos which were stolen from her husband phones, called Rodney Aboagye is the same individual peddling this new humiliation.

According to what we are told, Rodney Aboagye used to be a close friend of the husband of Amanda, Black Star player-Afriyie Acquah—and used to supply the footballer with several girls. Apparently, when Amanda and Afriyie married, Amanda advised her husband to cut off Rodney which has made the latter deeply bitter.

Following the cut off pushed forward by Amanda, Rodney Aboagye has become so bitter to the extent that he has sworn to disgrace Amanda and her husband-Afriyie Acquah, Amanda told us.

It is out of this malicious intention that a few days ago, Rodney Aboagye allegedly released some private photos of Amanda, which Amanda sent to his husband—and were stolen from Afriyie’s phone by this friend, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt.

Beyond this, GhanaCelebrities.Com has also been told by Amanda that several efforts have been made by Rodney Aboagye and a certain Jessica Lebene to paint her black—including setting up a fake viber account on their own phones by saving the contact details as her phone number. This way, calls made from those phones via viber come up as though they are from Amanda’s phone owning to the fact that her number has been assigned to the name column.

Yesterday, an audio conversation between Amanda and this same Rodney which we are told was recorded about 3 years ago leaked online—except that, the audio is heavily doctored per what we’ve been told.

Amanda fake viber set up
Amanda fake viber set up

When we received the audio in which a voice like that of Amanda is heard making some shocking claims, we reached out to Amanda and several others to establish its authenticity. It became obvious that there has been a doctoring—and from what Amanda told us, this indeed seems to be the case.

Amanda Acquah has not denied having had conversations in the past with Rodney when they were in talking terms—however, nothing like what was heard in the audio was ever said.

In fact, Amanda said she was equally shocked about the recording—adding that, if she said those things, she wouldn’t deny them. After all, she stood by her infamous Kenpong audio.

For this, the footballer’s wife says, she knows nothing about it—and claims that once again, Rodney Aboagye and his mischievous friends are at work together, just to break her marriage by pouring series of disgrace on her head.

As to why Rodney Aboagye and this Jessica would be so much on her back, Amanda made us aware that, it is not just about the fact that her husband has ditched his friendship with Rodney—Jessica used to be the ex-girlfriend of her husband. And therefore, we all know what some scorned women are capable of doing.

Also, Amanda is dead right that—Jessica has even threatened her husband to leak the footballer’s n*ked photos which the two of them shared during their relationship.

For the audio, it will be inappropriate to publish it when we are told it is heavily doctored…

Afriyie Acquah and Amanda Acquah
Afriyie Acquah and Amanda Acquah


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  1. Chris pls publish the audio becos it’s all over in the other blog like OMG news and peacefm news online ,I have listened to it and of course it’s Amanda and no other person,

  2. Amanda, I have no name to call you. A man who marries a woman more adulterous than Satan has cursed himself. Tufiaaakwaaa. Cheating on your husband is not Enough you have to call him a monkey? You should have even insulted the guy who tried calling him that. No normal man will listen to such a thing and hide it because his wife can do the same to him. Hide your face oooo. When you were busy selling mona donkomi donkomi. You did not know your own is worse? To call you ashawo will be a disgrace to ashawos. The girls you were insulting at least are not married. How do you explain this? Jordan is banging you for 4 years but cannot even be seen in public with you. You are rather the monkey in this situation. Bush, village, crass, uncouth monkey without shame. Ah, I weep for your husband. I weep madly for him. He should tear his heart out. Unbreakable shame. How can you do this to a man who has honoured you constantly? Better start packing your things from the house and stop wasting time paying money to bloggers.

  3. twea kai..doc de3n??? Come again Chris.. we ve all listened to da tape and it seems authentic.. Na saa Afriyie Acquah wei koraa 3de3n na woahu no w) saa Amanda wei ho? na wo de3 tena h) na gyimi, one day u will come back from training and all you will find is your slippers… otootabaa

    1. Chris is a shame ur went on Mandy’s side took money n disgrace hajia n now u can’t swallow ur own vomit,u see ur life,trying to polish an adultery slot who has been cot red handed ,we have all heard the readl undoctored tape as ur busy trying to throw sand in our open eyes,some if us knew she was bonking Jordan n oda footballers when she was with kenpong n the poor man dumped her for her friend Trudy cos she was constantly cheating on him.Mandy ur cup is full,karma has grabbed u n ur monkey husband is divorcing u,he has deleted all pics from his IG page cos he can’t stand the shame…my heart bleeds for the poor boy who got cot in ur ashewo web…shameeeee

      1. This Mandy’s voice,I happen to know her personally and the voice is 100% hers.I don’t know why GC is protecting her.The Audio is all over the Internet ;OMG,PEACEFM and others.

        1. Is bcos Chris n co gangeg up with her to disgrace Mona on the net so now he doesn’t know how to call a spade a spade,we all know Mandy personally n know is her voice n everything she was saying is true n amira Jordan cousin,rahim n Dede all know she is bonking Jordan so it was a shock to some of us to hear she was getting married to afriyie,Rodney was her pimp n in fact I want to find him n give him 10 k for recording did adulterours groupie who desperately wanted to become a footballers wife n be the next menaye in town but wot is not meant to be is not Mandy ur getting divorced n staying in the groupie zone cos data were desperate rachets like u belong,when she was running her mouth to Chris dats she doesn’t want her pimp to come close to her hubby anymore,she had no idea the guy secretly recorded thier convos,hahahaha self confession of a slot to her trusted pimp,remember he said she was smart for playing both guys,but in fact Rodney was the smart one here.when she was busy dissing kenpong n Mona why didn’t GC say it was doctored,oh pls come again cos we ain’t kids,did is a clear convo btn a slot n her pimp n was showed the oda he is untop of his game,now u packing out of acquahs house with shame after calling him a monkey n bush like urself…hooooo eniguasei akwaaba mandy

    2. I guess juju too is part…eeii one woman np value no beauty yet da men rush..Hw3 obaaa ano? ?A hippo yawning mouth is smaller Dan dis..John insult am more

  4. I highly doubt if the audio I listened to was doctored. First of all, when you listen to the audio carefully, the background noise was consistent till the end. At no point during the entire conversation did I notice any change in the background. Secondly, the fact that she told the guy about the conversation she had with her husband (Afriyie Acquah) when he complained to her about why Jordan Ayew distanced himself when they both traveled to Amsterdam, is an indictment on her character. There is no way (I for one) will believe that the audio is doctored. NO WAY!!

    1. Tell your body body Chris to return the money he collect from her to write things in her favour,as it stands now afriyie is devasted n has sent her packing cos he was deceived into thinking Jordan was only a friend not knowing he was chopping than the owner himself ..oya Chris ask ur adultureous groupie where her bags are right now,and she will feed u with more lies ottoootaba vhris

      1. Hahahaha….????… we bought chichinga with some of the money yesterday night….Come and see enjoyment. In fact, we’re going to a special joint at Abeka Lapaz tomorrow evening to spend the rest of the money on kelewele and chorfi….Come and join us!! Lmao

        1. Hehehehehe Chris so na wosh3 ho no,u act like u know too much but u know not in.lesson is dat next time when two slots are biatch fighting don’t go one ones side cos she might be the worst how of all return the chinginga money ssharp

  5. I strongly believe that..This a conspiracy between a bitter ex girlfriend and ex best friend..We all know too well that everybody have a past like she was saying a childhood swtheart that doesn’t mean she was just that this mandy can talk and she has a big mouth too so u see the point..the past mistakes is haunting her now becus of what she did to some people in the past they want to pay her back with the same coins..I pray that her husband will judge and deals with this matter very wisely and know that some people don’t want to see them happily married they want to find every possible reasons to separate them especially when their marriage is in the media eyes..????

    1. I have agreed with you on a lot of issues in the past, but as for this time di33, I have to disagree with you. There is no conspiracy against Amanda. The only conspiracy here is Amanda’s mouth. She can’t keep her mouth shut. That’s what got her in hot water now. If you listen to a doctored audio, no one will tell you that it is doctored. In this case, it was a secretly recorded conversation. And the fact that she told the guy about what her husband told her concerning Jordan’s behavior when they (Ghana Blackstar) travel to Amsterdam for a friendly match, is going to be the determining factor here. If Afriyie Acquah recall having that conversation with her, he would then realized that the audio is not doctored. You can’t make stuff like that up.

  6. LOL chris u r not serious about this one lol for small chop money u go give stupid story like this? i beg mass ma y3n dwene y3 ho everyone knows amandas voice from the hajia4real n kenpong audio so pls wai .anaa won so wo di tw3 no bi?

  7. chris reali? im surprised u guys will fall this lie of a doctored tape………for the first time in a long while, i think u guys got it wrong on this one.i dnt knw why u even chose to comment on this, reali if ur judgement is clouded based on a certain relationship u have with them, do not write an article at all…………..DOCTORED TAPE, TWEAAAAAAAAAA

  8. wow ,i have confirmed this long held belief that chris have some agenda against certain celebrities.have u guys observed how he worships some of the celebrities like jackie appiah and others who can do no wrong in eyes and vilify others sometimes on very trivial issues like yvonne nelson.what is doctored about this tape?what is your interest in this amanda issue.?is it money or what ?i am beginning to loose interest in your blog because you are too biased and its now affecting your professionalism.

  9. I think it being Amanda is the news but tell you what most ladies running their mouth on this blog are in same shoes with her. They are not content eith what they have and at the end lose all; if you want to use both eyes to peep into a bottle at the same time, its your nose that ends up peeping. All you ladies busily writing are equally in this ashawo business, u even go ahead and date 2 pple in the same church or better still you have one at work and another in your work places. Yours may not be on the net but you will certainly feel it in the same way. I DO NOT SUPPORT AMANDA’S ACTION IN ANYWAY. LET THE SPOTLESS THROW THE FIRST STONE. How many of you bitches can boast of faithfulness. Nonsense. you are all the same. All innocent until caught.


  11. What hurtS me most is the “monkey” description. How could she? after the poor boy salvaged her from her messy life style. Can someone please tell me the couple’s age difference? just want to know as both of them seem to be behaving like children. I hope Afriyie will reason up and take a firm decision as this is getting out of hands before he ends up like Nana Kofi Ofori-Ata of Citi FM.

  12. Shame on you Chris.Even Rodney has spoken out this morning and said it was not doctored.He also says you just smearing lies which I believe becos you were given some money to chop.Hooooo!Learn to be more professional and stop selling away your dignity for a few cents!obiaaa anka wobeka!wo na wohye ho no.Amanda’s cup is full,ashawo kobokobo!

    1. Oyiwa hahahahahaha Chris da azz licker,sake of some coins u are protecting a slot,why don’t u ask ur koboko how she met afriyie n u will know say na Rodney take am.she tried to bite the fingers dat lead her n got know pimps are always one step of the game than the desperate groupies

  13. Jordan is just 22yrs and has been chopping Amanda for 4yrs? wow.. How old is Mandy(Amanda)?…. Afriyie Acquah eeeeeeee, wo nniii tw3 da anaa?

  14. The man in the middle of all the Amanda Acquah scandals has exclusively spoken to

    German based Ghanaian Radio Presenter and Event Organizer, Rodney Aboagye who is friends with both Afriyie Acquah and his wife Amanda have made some shocking revelations as he stated his side of the story to

    Rodney has been accused by Amanda and Afriyie Acquah of being behind Amanda’s leaked nude pictures and he is also the gentleman whose voice is heard on the Amanda Acquah viral audio recently.

    “Amanda chatted with someone’s husband and sent him some nude pictures. This came on Instagram and Amanda went to Chris Vincent of to put my name and the name of Afriyie Acquah’s ex-girlfriend Jessica accusing us of being behind those pages and leaking the nude pictures which is not true, but they released those information to just for damage control and divert the heat on me. I called them and told them to pull down those false allegations against me so we all have peace or I will go to the media to explain my side of the story and they agreed to pull the story down and even Amanda apologized to me,” Rodney narrated.

    Rodney continued that on Sunday August 23, 2015 he had a conversation with the couple together with Oliver Arthur, Manager and agent of Afriyie Acquah to try and reach an amicable solution. In the process, the couple became aware that Rodney is in procession of an audio recording between him (Rodney) and Amanda in which Amanda confessed to have had a sexual relationship with Jordon Ayew.

    According Rodney, the couple didn’t believe the said audio recording existed so they asked him to send the now viral audio to Afriyie Acquah’s phone and he did. Rodney added that the couple insisted that for the sake of evidence he should send the said audio to a third party, which was supposed to be Afriyie’s mother but she was not too conversant with WhatsApp and social media so his mother instructed and they all agreed that Rodney rather send it to one who happens to be Afriyie Acquah’s uncle.

    “I recorded that audio because I didn’t trust Amanda anymore but I swear on my life I never leaked the audio. As at Sunday it was only three of us who had the audio but as to how it was leaked trust me I don’t have any idea and they have conveniently gone back to the same accusing me of leaking the audio,” he said.

    Rodney said he would not be surprised if Amanda leaked the audio herself just make their story believable that he is behind all this due to the lots of dirty things that he knows Amanda did within the years behind closed doors.

    “God knows I have no idea how all those picturesand audio went out. Amanda’s cup is full and now she is looking for someone to blame for it. I just want the world to know the truth”. came up yesterday, Tuesday August 25, 2015 with an interesting conspiracy theory suggesting that the said audio was doctored by Rodney to shame Amanda, but Rodney believes that is another damage control tactics by Chris Vincent of Ghanacelebrities.

    “I didn’t doctor any tape and Chris himself knows that. Yes! I admit I recorded it but I never leaked it and don’t even know how to doctor a tape. It is all an attempt by Chris to do damage control for them but the truth is one and God knows my heart,” Rodney revealed insisting that the leaked tape is exactly what he recorded and still has the original copy on his phone. is currently in possession of several audio recordings between Amanda, Rodney and sometimes a third party revealing jaw-dropping information including Amanda’s apology to Rodney.

    Asked what his relationship is with the couple, Rodney said he has been Afriyie Acquah’s friend for over 6 years now and at some point he even lived in the same house with him.

    According to Rodney, Afriyie Acquah met Amanda through him and has been closed to both of them since they started dating and later got married.

    Ghanaian soccer star Ebenezer Afriyie Acquah simply known as Afriyie Acquah and his scandalous wife Amanda have been trending for some weeks now over certain private picturesand audio conversations which found it way in the public domain.

  15. Lol Chris I guess the heavy backlash is going to make you reconsider this story .you didn’t win at all with this one trying so hard to defense the indefensible … You’re May fav blogger though & I love you to death ..lmao

  16. Afriyie Acquah owes Mandy a lot due to some sacrifices she had to do before he was called into the black stars, she had to fvck one big man (name withheld) before he spoke with the big men in GFA to call Afriyie and Afreyie is aware of that! Secondly, Afriyie is still sleeping with Jessica so he wasn’t really bothered, the problem that has gotten Afriyie and his mother angry is the monkey name, Mandy is not talking to Her very close friend Bella because she thought Bella was jealous of her cos Bella always told her to be careful when talking cos she talks too much. Now Chris is defending Amandy because she paid $3000 dollars when the first story about her nude pics leaked when Chris called her that he was gonna make a story about it, she agreed to pay but when the money wasn’t coming that was when Chris made the open gossip story. So when GC finally received the money they assured Amanda to counter cross any negative story written by other blogs. So people pls allow Chris to do the job he collected the money for!!! Biko! Pls

      1. I always knew they had to be a huge reason why afriyie stands by Amanda even in the biggest screw ups! After the Mona audio, afriyie wasn’t bothered one bit. Then when the naked photos were leaked he said he loves Amanda even more. Now monkey name calling and micro penis allegation, they are still sleeping on the same bed in Italy.
        People, there is something BIG we don’t know abt Amanda and Afriyie. The truth will always come out. Let’s wait and see.

  17. Chris, you have shocked me to the core.

    How could you not know this tape is NOT doctored?

    You don’t need to be a forensic analyst to tell straight away tht the flow, sequence and background sound In the tape is consistent!!!!

    You have utterly shocked us Chris eiiiii why?