‘Guy Guy’ Episode Three Preview: Kofi Wayo Steals The Show As He Drops 1,001 Truth Bombs

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Guy Guy-GC
Guy Guy-GC

After a one week break to accommodate the Ghana Journalists Association Awards Night, your no.1 contemporary comedy show ‘Guy Guy’ returns this weekend with its most explosive episode yet.

I have honestly had a blast since I started reviewing ‘Guy Guy’. It’s funny without being too silly, star studded which I always like to mention; but mostly I just like it because it is a Ghanaian production I can watch without throwing up and which makes for a nice thirty minute break from a hectic time in the office.

But above and beyond everything it is still a comedy, which is why this week’s episode with Kofi Wayo is so powerful. By the end, I was deep in thought after the man dropped so much truth bombs in his cameo- but let’s start with the comedy.

This week’s episode is very concentrated, featuring only two major locations. It opens with Kalybos at the airport to welcome back home after a (presumably) long sojourn abroad his uncle, Yaw Guy, played by the ineffable Mikki Osei Berko.

The pair show off their comic chops straight away, after Kalybos attempt at a hug was rebuffed. Master Richard claimed he was being paranoid due to Ebola, which led to Kalybos wondering if that was why he was dressed like a surgeon. Another joke involved why he packed so lightly, but that should be watched to be enjoyed to the fullest. I also have to mention that the music at the airport was spot on, giving a whole ‘burgher’ feel to the antics of these two ‘Guy Guys’

Upon getting home, Yaw Guy was met by one of his nephews (played by Owusu Nii Boye). His whole problem was that his uncle needed to get him abroad ASAP, as he feels he owes him. However for someone needing a favour, he goes about it in a very unconventional way, and needless to say his uncle was far from impressed.

However, looking at this scene and the next one, with Kalybos, you get the feeling Master Richard’s character is being portrayed as the stereotypical returnee, who’s very careful with his money and thinks everyone wants a slice of the cake (generally because they do want a slice of the cake). The writers turn that into a nice meme where he keeps complaining that everyone wants to kill him for his money and loudly declares even if he dies he’s giving everything to charity.

Then Kalybos returns for another great scene with his uncle. After teaching everyone how to weasel a number out of your favourite celebrity, Kalybos this week teaches us how to bargain for school fees. Yes, school fees. In what was a blatantly obvious ploy, he tries several tricks to weasel money out of his uncle, finally settling on school fees. The haggling over the figure is just hilarious, and Kalybos once again proves that every bone in his body is indeed a silly bone.

The episode closes with Kalybos and Derby in class, listening to their lecturer Kofi Wayo. I have mentioned many times one of this show’s strengths would be the guest stars, who are playing themselves. With such a diverse cast of interesting characters you’re definitely going to get compelling television, and Kofi Wayo provided that this week.

I would love to recap everything he said, but where’s the fun in that? Let’s just say whilst I had heard a lot about him yet knew very little before watching this episode, I came away with a profound appreciation for the guy and agreed with most of what he’s was saying. Every University in Ghana needs to have a class taught by this eccentric personality.

He’s the undoubted star of this episode, the best in the show’s run so far. Don’t know if he’ll return but it’s a shame if he doesn’t. And listening to his dialogue, one could easily imagine running into Kofi Wayo anywhere and having a very similar conversation.

‘Guy Guy’ just keeps getting better and better as the weeks go by, and it’s far from finished hitting you with quality television. Next week, Stonebwoy and Countryman Songo take their turn at the wheel.

“Guy Guy” airs on GTV at 9:00pm (each Saturday).

“Guy Guy” is proudly sponsored by Kasapreko Alomo Silver and Vicco Malt.

“Guy Guy” Series is written and produced by Ghanaian Rapper-2ras and directed by Kofi Asamoah of “Kalybos in China” – it was shot on various locations in Accra.

Learn more about Guy Guy here.

Check out the promo video of ‘Guy Guy’ below… and if you haven’t started watching yet, do yourself a favour…

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