‘Hitman: Agent 47’ Review | A Superficial Movie with Guns All Over

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Rupert Friend in'Hitman-Agent 47'
Rupert Friend in ‘Hitman-Agent 47’

Rupert Friend takes centre stage in ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ as a rogue product of a discontinued secret military programme which was set up to specifically create human killing machines.

Called Agent 47, Rupert Friend was not just trained to kill but created for this—and even with eyes closed, he could kill hundreds from afar without being hit by a single bullet. What else do you expect from a movie inspired by a video-game?

With a bar code stamped on the back of his skull which also carries his agent number, Agent 47 sets off to hunt down Katia Van Dees (played by Hannah Ware), a young woman with hyper-sensitive survival skills made possible by his father—the same missing man she was trying track down.

As Agent 47 moves in on Katia Van Dees, he comes off as the villain until John Smith (played by Zachary Quinto) steps in—a different agent who initially claimed he was sent to protect Katia from Agent 47.

But things turned around when it became obvious that, John Smith was looking to capture Katia’s missing doctor father—to get the doctor to help his agency revive the agent programme.

Just like the audience, Katia nearly believed John Smith was her protector and the good guy—until Agent 47 landed his chest with several bullets. And when Katia and everyone thought John Smith was dead, things took a different turn—and the true pursuit began.

Agent 47 has been programmed not to feel “pain, fear and even love” but as the film rolled in with more gun shots, it somewhat becomes obvious that, though programmed, Agents could hold onto such feelings.

Katia herself was brutal than she knew (her name isn’t really Katia Van Dees but Quatre Vingt Dix; Agent 90 which meant that she was 43 times better than Agent 47) —and teaming up with Agent 47 opened her capabilities. She was pretty slow with reviving her skills and achieving her full potential but before the movie ended, she proved that indeed, her father equipped her with super survival skills.

Though Aleksander Bach’s ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ is pretty cool on the big screen, it feels more like watching a video game being played—the flying bullets, the positions of those shooting the guns and the speed with which everything runs take the movie far away from reality.


The movie features some cool gadgets; nothing like we have in our real world today—and if you love beautiful buildings, you would admire what Singapore has to offer in this movie.

Of course the poor narration at the beginning of the movie does not do justice to the story but if you love to see bullets fly and people returning from the dead, then surely you would love this…

Remember, it’s superficial—and it’s not a sequel to 2007’s Hitman.

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