PHOTOS: Tonto Dikeh Stuns in Red Gown

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Cop a gander at nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh in these new photos.

The Port Harcourt-born actress, who recently got married shared breathtaking snaps of herself slaying in a red gown at an event.

The image which was shared on her Instagram page,  came along with an inspiration message. Read what Mrs Churchill shared:

God has not finished with any of us.He is the POTTER,you are the clay.As long as you don’t brag about your weakness forever,God will turn you from what you are to what you should be.Nobody is allowed to depress you becos THEY ARE NOT YOUR POTTER..
Learn from your flaws,Every alert flaw in your life is a raw material in the hands of God..In your flaws are hidden your strength.your perfect imperfection will lead you to change.
BEAUTY isn’t in being flawless,it’s shinning even thru your Flaws..
Those who hate u lookout for weaknesses & faults & throw them against u but ur Job is y love yourself bcos you were beautifully & wonderfully made..
Never Again go around people who Run u down.Move away from them…
There re millions of people who believe in you & God will lead you to them very soon..
Be unique simple & Original in ur Own way…
Don’t underrate me.God has not finished with me yet..
I am the best in the World..I am Unique & Original,Never to die A PHOTOCOPY??????????



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