The Real Reason Why Afriyie Acquah DELETED All Amanda’s Photos from His Instagram REVEALED

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Amanda Acquah
Amanda Acquah

A few days ago, all the photos of Amanda Acquah disappeared from her husband-Afriyie Acquah’s instagram page—igniting speculations that the footballer was seriously upset and was heading to court to divorce his wife.

Initial reports claimed that, the Ghanaian footballer was disappointed with his wife over the recently leaked audio which Amanda told GhanaCelebrities.Com that the said audio from 3 years ago was somewhat doctored.

Our reliable source close to the couple has just told us that, there is no hovering divorce—and that, the footballer deleted the photos of Amanda Acquah because he did not like the fact that people kept posting inappropriate comments under those photos on his instagram page.

Afriyie Acquah deleted all the photos on his instagram page—including his too, and not that of Amanda alone which confirms what our source said; he just couldn’t be bothered with the inappropriate comments.

Currently, Amanda Acquah and Afriyie Acquah are together in Italy, where the footballer is stationed—living in the same house as husband and wife.

A few weeks ago, Afriyie Acquah told GhanaCelebrities.Com that, he loves his wife and he is not ready to go near divorce—no matter what.

Afriyie Acquah and Amanda Acquah
Afriyie Acquah and Amanda Acquah

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  1. Lmaoo I bet you that this guy afriyie is just pretending just to put the public to shame Bcos ghana peoples kasa and they were are expecting divorce out of itt he’s a human and surely he’s hurt hearing what Amanda his wife said about him “monkey” … This marriage don’t have no future again “poor marriage ” They’ll surely divorce sooner o later. Xiummmm

  2. Marry a woman with a disciplined tongue….a woman with a mature sense to know when certain comments are appropriate….lesson to all men!
    How can you make such derogatory comments about your husband to his own friend….i mean how?

    1. You are right…her tongue is not really disciplined and she sounds a bit immature…lol have listened to audios and Chris was mentioned…but all the same Amanda should have not said what she said…but then she thought she was talking to a good friend…I say it’s the uncle that forwarded the audio…if not to any media house it could be to his friends friends friends…this case is embarrassing but even worse with the fact that it involves black star players…and to even compare their gadgets (penis) we’ve seen you Jordan during the World Cup game last year…so we know da da…madam done confirm it oh (naija accent)

  3. Pls I have a question….has Amanda deleted her Instagram account if she has any? Also his husband deleting his wife’s pictures will not stop anybody from commenting about his wife…people will do it even under his own pics…eiiij small boys are young

  4. Ghanacelebs you guys are delusional with your reporting on this matter. Other sites are reporting the real “news”, and you are here being paid by Amanda to say what ?

  5. Chris you did not report on the interview about the so called doctored tape. But you are reporting this joke. You still think the tape was doctored? smh

  6. I even listened to another tape where she said he is impotent. This woman us the devul. Seriously. In public you can tell people your husband is impotent? If things are so bad why are you struggling to make everyone believe he loves you? I usually support women but this is too much for me

  7. Am so glad the guy is reconsidering setting things u guys don’t forget the guy was cheating on his wife too..l’v been married for more than a decade so I know what am talking about there is no Mr right no where and there is no Mrs right or what so ever..He will choose to make her right and she will also make him right..some people choose to take a prostitutes and make them he/she their partner how about that now I know mandy has learnt a loads of lessons how to keep her big mouth to choose her friends and all a good frd to her husband she is calling ur frnd a monkey and u didn’t say nothing which can of frnd are u and which can of a frnd will record u when u are confinding in him and leak them 3 or 4yrs later asked ur self..? I know fiances..married people and best friends has learned a loads of lessons from this

  8. Madam derby you are very wrong on your 1st 6 lines. There’s Mr right and Mrs right everywhere. Maybe you or your husband decided to cheat since u used that for example. But no bible trained conscience person will cheat after marriage. So pls you are totally wrong. Tx

    1. My dear don’t get me wrong..there are lot of marital gossiping..anger issues..controling issues..drinking issues..some people even cheat on money, but we afrians rise that one biger then the others but in bible all is a not in support of cheating but like our elders always says there is nothing like pefect marriage but we have to make it perfect..i don’t isually reply to my commans but i have to do this one..that’s my opinion that am sure evryone is entitled to..tnks