Kyeiwaa’s New Husband Is Revealed To Be Already Married In Disturbing New Twist

Rose Mensah-Kyeiwaa Marries

Veteran movie star Kyeiwaa got married last weekend in a highly publicised ceremony, but it seems there isn’t going to be any happily ever after.

It did not take long after the marriage for rumblings to start going around that her supposed new husband, Daniel Osei, has already been married. Initially it seemed just to be normal media mischief but the story has grown legs since and it looks like Kyeiwaa’s new marriage is in legitimate jeopardy.

The wife of her new husband has stepped forward, claiming Osei (also called Akwasi Bronya) and her has been married for a long time, and that they even have two children.

According to media reports, the woman, identified as Florence Kyei, collapsed upon hearing of the news of her husband’s marriage. She has since been going through the media making her story heard.

“He is my husband! We are married with a child. Our child was 17 years on 14th April this year and he is a Senior High School (SHS) first year student.” she told Shaft FM in Obuasi.

“When Kyeiwaa’s mother died she came to our house to ask for a refrigerator from one of my sisters, so when Kyeiwaa saw my husband I saw from her attitude that she loves my husband. So I even warned my husband about her several times. I didn’t know he can do something like this,” she said.

She also claimed her husband even spent the night (Kyeiwaa’s wedding night) with her, claiming how can they be in a real marriage when he didn’t spend Kyeiwaa’s wedding night with her.

“He is still begging and apologizing for me to forgive him, divorce is totally out of the issue. He has not mentioned it at all. We love each other so I don’t think what has happened would change anything”.

New reports indicate Kyeiwaa’s family is currently in a crisis meeting to see how best to deal with these disturbing reports.

This very bizarre story is developing more shades than most and we’ll keep you posted.

Kyeiwaa's rival Florence Kyei
Kyeiwaa’s rival Florence Kyei



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