Mr Ibu Thinks The Black Star In The Midst Of Ghana’s Flag Is Causing Us A Lot Of Problems

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You wouldn’t equate Mr John Okafor with controversial opinions, but this one he passed about Ghana’s flag is certainly bound to be one.

The comedian was speaking on Adom Fm when he passed the comments.

According to him, a Black star was not a symbol of good luck but rather bad luck. If we changed the black to gold, we’ll see progress soon.

“Black star means somebody whose luck is not shinning and everybody has a star either on their forehead or palm so if Ghana produces gold which shines everywhere, why would your star be black?” he asked

“As soon as Ghana changes the black star to gold, they will see progress.”

Interesting opinion there; very African.

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  1. Only the wise person would understand his opinion. Stars as we know wouldnt be stars when they are black, whenever you think of a star nothing black comes in mind so what actually does a BLACK star means in order to be in our flag ? if it means the star above then it shouldnt be black because the colour black dont shine.

    1. Seriously? Nothing good comes to mind when you think of the color black? And whose fault is that? It’s the society…you know you are black right? Nothing positive in the western world is associated with black and u think it’s really silly…the history of black star will remain the same…nothing aim him change about that…I’m a proud black star….about time we associate positive with black …

      1. Did you read well enough my comment b4 replying ? Obviously you did not.
        I quoted ….whenever you think of a star NOTHING BLACK comes in mind ( I didnt say NOTHING GOOD ). Cant your beetlehead understand this?