Ghanaian Actor Kwaku Manu Demands Royalties From Joey B For Using ‘Tonga’ In His Song

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Ghanaian actor, Kwaku Manu is demanding royalties from singer Joey B for using his invented term ‘Tonga’ in his hit single Tonga.

Of course Joey B ought to pay him if only the said term was registered on his name…

The popular local movie actor told eTV’s Giovani in an interview that he is yet to be appreciated by Joey B for his immense contribution towards the massive hit of his Tonga song.

“I was using the term Tonga before Joey B used it. If you go to Cote D’Ivoire, it means sewing pin. But in the movies, I was looking for a cool way to suggest I’m going to sleep with a lady and the Tonga came in handy. Whoever says the word Tonga belongs to them will be punished by God because it’s been around for years.”

“I’m happy it came to stay but Joey B didn’t do well, he should have looked for me and hand [sic] something little. He could have even bought a phone for me or something like that just to show his appreciation.”

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