Veteran Actor George Williams Says The Local Movie Industry’s Standards Are Falling Due To Over Reliance On ‘Juju’ Movies

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George Williams
George Williams

There are some who when they speak on a topic you know you have to listen to them. One of them is George Williams, popularly known as Mr Addison for his role on the popular show ‘Ultimate Paradise’.

According to Mr Addison, there is an unusual fascination with portraying the superstitious practices of our society in our movies. It is a practice he described as debauchery and one of the biggest reasons for the retrogression of our movie industry.

“I see it to be quite honest as debauchery. That is what it is. The fact of it is that they like to make juju films and that sort of thing. The fact is that we are retrogressing. We are going back to the stage where they had movies and not talkies. The movies came; there was no dialogue; it was that time of Charlie Chaplain and that is where this thing is going into now because we have a whole lot of juju films and the likes which are as far as I’m concerned diabolical. They are not worth talking about” he said, speaking on local TV station TV3.

He also spoke on the dearth of talent in the industry these days. It seems everyone is willing to take shortcuts, no one is bordering to learn the trade the proper way anymore.

“You got to learn how to write script to start with; you got to learn how to act and you got to learn speech and do all those things. You cannot run away from all those things and say you are doing a movie. That is debauchery.

“I have had the experience with people who unfortunately have not been adequately schooled in the processes of making a film and they are the people directing films because they have a few coins in their pocket. I have found that it is impossible working with 90/95% of those people. What you see is shameful.

“You go to school and that’s where you start from. And then you go through apprenticeship and keep learning because life itself is a lesson. However, the fact simply is that, I went through the mill and I think that anyone who wants to go anywhere should go through the mill. You just can’t do it anyway else” he concluded

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