CONFIRMED: Holy Cow…Kyeiwaa ENDS Her Marriage to Daniel Osei Just After 5 Days!


This will sell quick as a movie but with Kyeiwaa (real name Rose Mensah) broken-hearted, who is going to play the lead role?

A few minutes ago, we reported that After barely 5 days of marriage which was followed by reports that the man (Daniel Osei) Kyeiwaa married was already married—actress-Rose Mensah was seeking for divorce.

Now, it has been CONFIRMED by Kyeiwaa that, she has indeed ended her marriage to Daniel Osei, a spare parts dealer who married her over the weekend, reports KasapaFm.

The website adds that;

“Actress Rose Mensah, a.k.a Kyeiwaa, has ended her less than a week’s relationship with Daniel Osei, the Kumasi-based Spare Parts dealer she had a wedding with last weekend.

Kyeiwaa has confirmed to Kasapa News‘ Maame Broni she’s done with Osei, whose attempt to cheat on two women, his first wife the other, has failed.

An expected decision, it comes after a number of Kumawood actors accompanied Kyeiwaa to Osei’s residence Thursday to seek for divorce.

Hours before that, it emerged that Osei rented a crowd for Sunday’s ceremony.

A colleague actress to Kyeiwaa, Vivian Jill, who was at last weekend’s ceremony, told Kasapa 102.3 FM that apart from the few Kumawood stars who came to support Kyeiwaa, those who came with Osei were rented and “not true family relations as he made us to believe.”

“We’ve just found out he even rented the people he claimed were his family relations. This man is full of deceit,” an incensed Jill told Kasapa 102.3 FM Thursday.”

It’s been back and forth since the weekend marriage ceremony and earlier today, we reported that “the wife of Kyeiwaa’s supposed husband came out to give a timeline of how the man remains her husband despite the marriage to Kyeiwaa, she keeps on staking her claim to him in numerous media appearances.”

The lady, Rose Kyei, spoke to Kasapa News’ Maame Obroni. According to her, her husband has already come back to beg for forgiveness and to her it’s no problem, and that they’ll be reunited.”

Now, it has emerged that, Kyeiwaa is tired and has accepted that Daniel Osei is a fraud—as such, she has ended the marriage, just after 5 days.

The veteran Kumawood movie star got married last weekend in a highly publicised ceremony but there isn’t going to be any happily ever after.

It did not take long after the marriage for rumblings to start going around that her supposed new husband, Daniel Osei, has already been married. Initially it seemed just to be normal media mischief but the story has grown legs since and now it looks like Kyeiwaa’s new marriage is in legitimate jeopardy.

Divorce after 5 days? That’s not even possible—if the man was indeed already married, then his marriage to Kyeiwaa can’t be deemed as marriage.

What a big real life movie! ‘Kyeiwaa Aware part 1 & 2.’

Kyeiwaa's marriage ceremony
Kyeiwaa’s marriage ceremony


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20 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Holy Cow…Kyeiwaa ENDS Her Marriage to Daniel Osei Just After 5 Days!”

  1. Well im surprised that Kyeiwaa would claim she didn’t know about the marital status of her supposed husband. Considering her age and her experience in life, one would have thought she would have taken time to do a thorough background check on the man if indeed she was played.

  2. ooh kyeiwaa…. I feel bad for you. but wait oo, nobody saw them together as a couple? I mean kyeiwaa is very well known. so am sure ppl must have seen them together at one point. unless they both live in different cities. so kyeiwaa no honeymoon?? Take heart.

  3. This is why our culture should be respected. Back in the day, family members would investigate the entire family of the bride & groom. They would even investigate if there’s madness in that family. That was when marriages use to last for decades….not 5 days.

    • Hahahaha Serious Investigation paa, That’s very true though. People just want to get married, so they don’t take time to know the they want to marry.

  4. How is it possible for kyeiwaa to claim she did not know the man was married with children! How? Is she saying she never visited his home or neighborhood where everyone knew this man and his wife before marrying him?

    This whole story does not add up at all!!!

  5. Oh Kyeiwaa, I feel sorry for you. How did you not know this? Some men can really be wicked. How can you do this to a woman of 52 years as if she is some child? Evil man

  6. Some married men now a days acting like singles everyday just to have their way..not thinking about hating what happens so sorry madam Rose but u should ‘ v have known better

  7. What is even pressing Kyeiwaa to get married, at her why does she wants to put pressure and disgrace upon herself. Please Kyeiwaa might need a psychologist to be able to deal with her situation. The situation she finds herself right now could lead to absolute depression

  8. Kyeiwaa du3bo dudu. A woman at this your age all she should have do is praying for your children and grandchildren (for protection, success. .) then getting marry. Wo tonga mu y3 wod3. Okay now going to the case; To all the peoples that are commenting she should have done a good investigate of the man are wrong! Because this days men and women knows how to hide shit well! To have what they want. Is the count job to define that (if the person is already married or no, not her!) but because ghana system is soo poor all this nkwasiasem happen.

  9. How did this happen? Hmm this man is wicked…but really stupid…if you want deceive someone, try someone who’s unknown to the public…I believe these things happens all the time…to ordinary people…just that we don’t hear about it…this is truly hard on kyeiwaa….she’s going to be known for this humiliation for the rest of her life….

  10. Ah Kyeiwaa, wo ho y3 wo d3 dodo.. I dont blame u, body no be firewood. I think that Guy has a big snake cos i thought her legitimate wife was going to seek for divorce upon hearing the news but she didnt but rather accepted him back, what is da secret? “da big snake”.. where is Amanda? k)te k3se3 bi as3te ooo…


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